5 Major Technological Advancements That Are Affecting AR

Technological Advancements

By Jack Barnes

Apart from just huge companies like Google, there have been a lot of startups attempting to innovate the world of augmented reality. Giving a new digital touch to the way we see the world and content that it creates, AR is definitely the future of all technology. Because it is so, let us look at five major innovations and advancements that are building up AR sources for the future.

  1. Pushing The Boundaries Of Viewing AR

People have been disappointed due to the lack of mobile devices available for viewing AR. However, the industry has been pushing the boundaries lately. They have done this with the introduction of Augmented reality smartphones. Gone are the days where we would rely on only one or two sources of AR. A few latest models from brands like Lenovo have been introducing AR capabilities in their phones. Features like these get new and potential customers excited and thus give them another excuse to purchase the product. AR has been shown to the world as a new, fresh and innovative way of viewing content. The industry is working on updating it every year.

  1. Helping Brands to Promote Themselves

It is no doubt that brands nowadays are coming up with new ways to promote themselves and the services they provide. However, Augmented reality has been helping with this. A lot of brands and companies are using AR to promote campaigns. Campaigns promoted by using augmented reality technology attracts customers more than the normal ways of marketing. Marketing strategies have become much more competitive and vivid thanks to the introduction of augmented reality.

  1. Retailers Are Being More Open

Since the beginning of augmented reality, not many retail sources were open t the idea of using it. However, things have since changed. A lot of retailers are using Augmented reality in order to give their customers a better buying experience. AR is being used in order to give clients a better perception of what their buying into. Since AR gives one the opportunity to refine the real world, they are able to see what the world would look like in different scenarios. The best example for this is whilst decorating your room. You can use AR to see what your room would look like in different wall colors or furniture pieces.

  1. Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

In the past decade, Virtual reality was all the rage. The fact that something could be simulated in such way shocked consumers all over the globe. However, things and times have changed drastically. Something that is on everyone’s minds is augmented reality. AR has changed the game altogether. It is being used as an everyday technology source. It gives you access to the Real New World without much effort. Now, don’t get us wrong, virtual reality has had its good days. In fact, there are some consumers that still use it fairly for different situations. However, augmented reality is the technology of today and of the future. It has the ability to strive towards a better future and for the convenience of future consumers.

  1. Making Its Way into The Gaming Industry

We have all heard of Pokemon Go, the game that was all the rage in the year 2016. It was a huge example of how even gaming industry is making use of augmented reality in its production. The gaming world is using AR to appeal more to consumers and to provide with a fresh perspective on technology. Like we said earlier, mobile AR is being developed more and more every day. With this, we can see a whole new world of gaming in the future.

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