Technology and homework: can we teach teens a healthy balance?

Technology and homework do not seem to really fit in the same sentence. Technology is seen to be intrusive when it comes to learning. If a teen is able to use technology to do homework, the work may be considered not to be his/her work. For instance, if you use your phone or computer to aid in homework, the teacher may argue that it is the computer and not the teen that did that work. The unfortunate thing here is that technology cannot be scrapped.

Recently, we have seen that online tutoring sites have grown in numbers. It is here to stay and is even improving to make work easier. What the stakeholders in the education domain can do is devise ways that technology can be used to do homework in an efficient way that the teens are able to create a healthy balance. Most teens use these devices for connecting to their social circles, listening to music or watching some of their favorite shows. When it comes to homework, they use these devices to search the internet and finish their homework quickly. They therefore might just be using them to get homework out of the way. This does not help develop their intellectual abilities as they are misusing these devices.

Technology is supposed to help you improve. It is supposed to help you make your work easier while expanding your mind. There is an achievable level of balance if these teens can try. For instance if your child especially these teenagers is always on their phone, they are probably always on their phones visiting these social media sites. Instead of consuming majority of their time on social media, you can encourage them to search for educational materials to help them in their homework. You can even search the web together to show them how to navigate and acquire useful information. This way even if they are on their phones, they are using it to gain something meaningful.

As a parent you can also come up with your own house rules limiting the number of hours a day that your teen can spend on heir devices for social media. There are various apps that can help you achieve this. Additionally, you can also download educational apps on their phones to help them master a few concepts and improve on their weak areas. For instance, there are spelling and grammar apps that they can use as practice if they are having trouble in this area. In this era of technology, everyone is out there to make quick easy money.

Do not let your child fall prey to dubious scams. Search widely and ensure that the content your child is exposed to is healthy and will create a positive impact in their lives. You are therefore not only creating a healthy balance between technology and homework but also creating a safe space for the teens to learn and expand their minds. It should however be noted that not all homework requires the use of technology and you should be able to help your child distinguish that.

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Technology and homework: can we teach teens a healthy balance?

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