Tennessee Artist DUB Talks Upcoming Project “Once and For All” (@TheyCallMe_Dub)


Tennessee Artist DUB Talks Upcoming Project 

By Amber B

With Hip Hop steadily on the rise we get to catch up with many independent artists who are following their dreams and pursuing a musical career. There are so many sounds or shall I say genres of hip hop spread across the county. We recently had the chance to catch up with Tennessee artist DUB to find out what he has going on in his journey in the hip hop. DUB opened up about everything from his upcoming project to who his musical inspirations are. Check out what this artist on the rise gave GMBU the scoop on.


GMBU:  Tell us about yourself?

DUB: My name is DUB a rapper from Clarksville, Tennessee. I have been putting out music since I was 13. Just trying to get better in every avenue. I play football also, so juggling a lot of things, but I always find time to write cause it’s a way to put my emotions out there.

GMBU: Can we get a little details about your new project that is slated to drop in January?

DUB: Its called “Once and For All” I got the title from being at my boy crib recording and me and him were chatting it up and just talking bout different things in life. It just made me think that we need take this next step and start being consistent and continually being the best not just here and there. So once and for all I’m putting my statement on the game to show that I’m a force to be reckoned with.

GMBU: Explain the concept behind the first single “The Side”?, Will we see a visual to it?

DUB: The concept behind “The Side” is just seeing different things from my eyes, but the overall concept for the song is being a hood type person but trying to better yourself while using me as the main character. Verse 1 I’m talking about how I have seen the different things in a hood environment. Seeing how it can take people’s minds and even their lives. It’s been too many deaths lately everywhere and seeing all the shootings its not good at all. The second verse I’m contemplating fully engulfing into that lifestyle. The lifestyle of drugs, the hood, and “turning up” I contemplated it, but someone told me continue doing what you are doing, be you. That’s why I said “Two things I know will always stay God forgives and Dub’ll never change” Verse 3 is the statement that I’m back to being me back to “The Future” I used to call myself that back in the day ahaha. I’m back to being focused on being successful.

GMBU:  Who are your musical inspirations and role models?

DUB: My musical inspirations are J. Cole, T.I., Pac, Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, Jay-Z . I see different things they do not just music wise but business wise, and I been studying them just been studying different moves.


GMBU: How long have you been in the entertainment business?

DUB: I been rapping since I was 13 its been my thing. That and football.


GMBU:  Will you be touring in the near future?
DUB: No tours are lined up, just continuing to create and get ready to drop this tape.


GMBU: How does your music relate to your fans?

DUB: I feel like my music is all about story telling and drawing emotions from people. That’s what I like to do is draw emotions and see or hear the reactions. Many of times people have come to me talking about emotions that the songs emit. A couple people called and told me they cried off of a couple songs from the last tape haha. It might not always be the most advanced lyrical song, but I feel like that can take away if you try to do too much.


GMBU: When your not in the studio what do you like to do for fun?

DUB: Im chilling forreal Im a chill person. Just trying come up with ideas and listening to people and watching moves. Trying see how I’m going to do things.


GMBU: Will there be any upcoming EP’s or Albums?

DUB: After Once and For All I really want to focus on a lot of visuals and continue to spread the #WSDG movement, WestSide DubGang for the people who didn’t know. Just continue to put out music cause I feel I disappear for a while and it shouldn’t be like that. So those are going to be the main things then Im a come with something else, Its going to be hot whenever it comes.


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