The Dr. Oz Show Hosts Its First Hip Hop Health Summit Plus A Sit Down with Rapper Fat Joe

On Monday’s The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz hosts his FIRST EVER HIP HOP HEALTH SUMMIT!

Dr. Oz is joined by none other than hip hop superstars – The Lox – Jadakiss and Styles P, Fat Joe and Street Soldier’s Lisa Evers, to talk about the call to action on HEALTH in the hip hop community. Plus a one on one sit down with Fat Joe as he opens up about the wake-up call that led him to drop 100 pounds and change his excessive hip-hop lifestyle. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

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Dr. Oz and Fat Joe discuss his wake up call and the circumstance that lead to his to lose 100 pounds:

Dr. Oz Says: “So you tell us what this wakeup call you had 2000, Joe schedule to perform on SNL, Saturday Night Live with two of his closest friends Jennifer Lopez and Big Pun. We just mentioned a few seconds ago. Big Pun canceled at the last minute. Two days later you received the devastating news, he passed.”

Fat Joe Says: “We were young. So when you’re young you think you’re invincible. So we’ve got to teach the youth from now.”

Dr. Oz Says: “How did it affect you? Big Pun was 28 year old weighed 700 pounds has a heart attack. Respiratory failure. They have at least three kids behind and a wife.”

Fat Joe Says: “I went on what I call a ‘crackhead diet,’ where I ain’t eat nothing for like a whole year and I started working out at the YMCA.  So I lost about 100 pounds.”

Dr. Oz Says: “So what’s been the key to.. on your road to success. What are the obvious ideas?”

Fat Joe Says: “Education is key Dr. Oz, that’s why we love you so much and we appreciate what you do.”



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