The Godcast discuss Eminem, 50 Cent, DJ Vlad, Game of Thrones, and the Abortion Ban (FULL EPISODE)

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, Episode #016

In this episode of The Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga, the co-hosts talk about Lord Jamar going viral. Lord Jamar addresses, DJ Vlad, 50 Cent and Eminem. The co-hosts also discuss the Game of Thrones series finale, and the recent Abortion Ban.

0:00 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater ad
0:41 Today’s Mathematics
0:55 Intro
1:29 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga introduce themselves
1:53 Lord Jamar addresses going viral
2:35 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate and advertise with the show
4:20 Lord Jamar explains why he has an issue with people saying Eminem is the GOAT
5:52 Lord Jamar addresses 50 Cent calling him a clout chaser on Instagram
8:39 Lord Jamar doubles down on his Eminem comments
9:53 Lord Jamar compares Eminem to Taco Bell
11:19 Lord Jamar says he doesn’t have anything personal against Eminem
12:30 BTS footage from pre-production (funny)
17:01 Lord Jamar addresses Everyday Struggle
18:13 Lord Jamar says real niggas don’t listen to Tyler, The Creator
18:35 Rah Digga says people view Eminem as a GOAT because of record sales
21:40 Lord Jamar addresses Lil Nas X being removed from the County Music Billboard Charts
22:37 Lord Jamar does a DJ Vlad impression (funny)
23:55 Lord Jamar says, DJ Vlad said Hip-Hop wouldn’t accept a white person from a different genre coming in and trying to be a rapper
24:06 Lord Jamar says, that already happened, we have Post Malone
26:05 Lord Jamar speaks about an article in the Huffington Post that supports views
26:56 Credits/ Break

27:20 Segment 2/ Into
28:28 Lord Jamar complements Rah Digga on her hair
29:16 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
31:18 Rah Digga asks Lord Jamar if he’s a “Thronie”
34:03 Lord Jamar says it’s good he’s not a “Thronie” so Rah Digga can explain it
35:06 *Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert*
36:20 Lord Jamar asks Rah Digga if she was happy with the series finale of Game of Thrones
39:55 Rah Digga breaks down the basics of Game of Thrones
41:11 Lord Jamar points out the irony in Game of Thrones (funny)
43:52 Rah Digga asks why the government doesn’t use men who are in prison, in the military
45:20 Lord Jamar talks about Wu-Tang Clan’s Showtime doc, Of Mics and Men
48:10 Lord Jamar talks about Jason Mitchell being dropped from The Chi for sexually harassing his co-stars
50:50 Credits/ Break

51:08 Segment 3/ Intro
51:45 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
53:00 Lord Jamar talks about the States that have banned abortion
54:40 Lord Jamar says Dr Frances Cress Welsing spoke about the extreme measures white people will go to, to survive
58:22 Rah Digga points out all the ways the country has negatively changed since Donald Trump has become president
1:02:34 Lord Jamar talks about the same-sex wedding on Arthur
1:05:30 Lord Jamar says society’s pushing of the gay agenda is connected to the abortion ban
1:13:41 Lord Jamar asks Rah Digga if she’s for, or against abortion
1:15:50 Credits
1:16:10 Outro

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