The History of Breitling Watches [Fashion]

Breitling is one of the most popular watch brands that you can find out there in the world. If you are looking forward to purchasing a breitling watch, you would also be interested in getting to know more about their history. Then you can clearly understand the long journey that the watch brand has come, until what you can see in the watch stores nowadays.

Breitling watch brand was started by Leon Breitling, 125 years ago. If he was alive today, he would be proud of the long journey that the brand has come in the past. Santa Imier in Switzerland can be considered as the birthplace of this watch brand.  Due to the same reason, it had to go through a lot of difficulties in order to compete with the other watch brands. However, the vision of Leon Breitling helped the brand to survive all the odds and establish it as one of the most successful brands in the world.

The primary objective of Leon Breitling was to come up with a new watch brand, which gives life to precision watches. He was able to achieve that and the precision watches offered under the brand are still popular in the world we live in. He believed that the watches should not just record time. Instead, he wanted to make watches similar to the scientific measuring instruments, which can be used across a variety of industries. For example, he wanted to introduce timers and chronographs to the watches. Due to such innovative concepts, the Breitling brand was able to come a long journey, while receiving improved attention from the audiences.

The birth of Breitling watches

The Breitling watch brand was started back in 1892. The factory of watches was started by Leon Breitling in Switzerland. It was a beautiful building, which created an ideal environment for the future development of the watches. Soon after the inception, the Breitling brand went ahead and gave life to a broad range of products. They became extremely popular among people. Therefore, the Breitling brand didn’t have to struggle too hard during the first few years of survival.

Breitling was able to manufacture watches for both private and professional users back in the day. Leon Breitling was always thinking about coming up with new and innovative watches. This helped him to earn a large number of patents under his name as well. Even though the Breitling brand was doing good, Leon Breitling continuously wanted to improve the performance, reliability, and functionality of the watches. It provided great assistance for the brand to come go on a long journey along with time.

Back in 194, the son of Leon Breitling, Gaston Breitling decided to take over the company. As a result, he was able to take the watch brand to a whole new level. It is during his time where the wrist-worn chronographs came into play. He was also able to introduce all three chronographs, including start, stop and reset functionality to the watches. It helped Breitling to come up with the very first chronograph watches in history.

In the year 1934, the grandson of Leon Breitling wanted to take the Breitling watches to the next level. That’s where he introduced a modern face to the Breitling chronograph watches. This became popular back in the day and the competitors soon went ahead and picked it up. Along with continuous innovations, the brand was also able to come up with the very first watch that had the ability to perform several operations in a raw, without forcing the users to reset the hands.

Back in the day, Breitling was setting new trends for the manufacturing of watches. As a result, people believed that the sky is the limit for the Breitling watches. During this time, the aviation pioneers came up with the need to come up with a reliable and accurate watch. That’s where they decided to go forward with the Breitling watch brand. It was not a difficult task for Breitling watches to get into the aircraft cockpits. They were able to manufacture a wide range of onboard chronograph watches with ease. The Navitimer chronograph, created in 1952 holds a prominent place out of them.

Ernest Schneider became the head of Breitling during 1979. He was able to guide the brand in a whole new path and ensure its future success. In fact, he took appropriate measures to keep the watches at the forefront of design and technology. The creation of popular Chronomat holds a prominent place out of the efforts that he carried forward back in the day. In the meantime, Breitling started manufacturing electronic watches as well. They were made available for the people who work for emergency services and the aerospace industry. The quality of Breitling watches was trusted by the professionals. As a result, the brand was able to secure its future success, without any hassle.

Breitling brand took a decisive move during 1999. That’s because the watch brand submitted all the movements to the Official Chronometer Testing Institute in Switzerland for the certification of precision and reliability. The watch brand was finally able to earn the certification for reliability and precision. As a result, trust was created in the minds of customers to purchase the product.

As of now, Breitling is one of the most popular and trusted watch brands available out there in the world. The watch brand has been able to earn innovative freedom as well. The brand has passed five different generations. Throughout history, the brand has been able to ensure success and come on a long journey. Therefore, people in today’s world are provided with the opportunity to go ahead and purchase Breitling watches while keeping the peace of mind.

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The History of Breitling Watches [Fashion]

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