The Houston Rockets Score 50 Points in the 3rd Quarter!

The Rockets erupted for an NBA playoff franchise record 50 points in the 3rd quarter as they defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 119-100 to take a 3-1 series lead.

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50 thoughts on “The Houston Rockets Score 50 Points in the 3rd Quarter!

  1. Wolves can't play D for shit… Plus Tom's system kills his star players because he gives them too much minutes. Our stars only rested because they knew they couldn't make a comeback anymore. Shit, honestly, if I was in the NBA, and on the Wolves, or even just in the NBA. I'd wreck most players with my defense. Of course I will get the question, "Then why aren't you in the NBA then?" Well, simply because I was never given the chance. Keep it short because the details don't matter if I'm a "nobody" right? That's how the league, industry of any kind, and or even the world functions. Society is total bullshit.

    Anyway, like I was saying. My D would kill any player in the league. I'm only 5,8, but my D is tight ass shit. I've proven it many times whenever I did play with randoms at recs, parks, and even during my high-school days. I played with various students that were on the team, and many of them, including other students, and teachers would compliment my D, and that I should try out for the team, and that I'd make it for sure, and be a valuable asset. However, I wasn't stable as a student, and in life itself. I wen't to four different high schools, and so it was hard to commit to anything. However, the main issue for me were personal issues, and so that's what kept me from trying out during my high school years. I'm 25 now, and pretty much only play for fun because I honestly believe that its too late for me to enter the league now. Props to Andre Ingram for keeping his head up, but he's basically been in the league/G League, and I'm aware that there were players that were 25 year old rookies, such as Manu Ginobili, but correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I am currently pursuing my plan B at college, but miss the game dearly, and whenever I do watch the NBA, the thought of "Man, I'm suppose to be there." Always comes to mind.

    However, whenever I do play with randoms, I may not have my shot anymore, but my D, and handles are still as good as ever. I'm still able to shut down players with my defense. Like I said, even though I'm 5,8, I'm able to shut down dudes that are at least 6,5. One time this dude that was definitely around 6,4, and or 6,5 was trying so hard to dunk on me, but failed miserably. His teammates started yelling at him to stop trying to dunk, but eventually, his 5th attempt got through, and it hyped his whole team up, but hey, it took the guy 5 attempts just to dunk over me….A 5,8 guy…

    Another time I was going up against some guy that was around 6,3 and or 6,2, and I managed to shut him down with my defense as well. I assume many would consider him to have handles, because thats what he looked like when he played, but when I switched on him for the first time, I shut him down, and stole the ball, and he even admitted himself saying, "Ah he got me!" And he didn't even bother chasing me down for the fast break because him trying to break my ankles tired himself out.

    As for the Rockets, and Wolves game. I watched all the games, and pictured myself there mentally. Never did I fall for any of Harden, and or CP3's crossovers, and shit stepbacks. The only times when I think they got me was when they cucked out, and got a screen, and or when they give you that slight shove crossover bullshit. However, I know I'm going to get comments like, "Oh its different when you actually play against them." But still I don't give a damn. As long as I pictured myself there guarding them, and it worked out in my head that I shut their asses down on D, and all the more confidence for me, and having confidence is always a good thing. Plus another thing that ticks me off is, why the hell would you guard someone that isn't a three point shooter all the way at the three point line. For example, Kat guarding Capela out on the three point line… That was one of Kat's mistakes. Capela can't do shit on the three point line, so don't guard his ass there. So, instead go and double team some other fucker, and or keep it at the down low mid range area/paint, but try not to get the three second call, and you'll be good. If you do that, Clint will be stuck out on the three point line, and forced to look for a teammate to pass the ball to. However, if you follow to guard Capela on the three point line, then you basically destroyed opportunities for your team to open up.

    Another example, Shaun Livingston of the Golden State Warriors. Same thing. Don't follow to guard that fucker out on the three point line. Simply go double team someone else, and or again, keep it down low/paint, but avoid the three second call, and if the rest of your teammates are able to play well on d, then Livingston would have no one to pass to, and he will be stuck on the three line, and left with three choices. 1. Gamble and take the three. 2. Move into the midrange 3. Drive in. So, he might attempt the three because passes were denied, and or him knowing that hes not a three point shooter, he would then attempt to drive in, and or go in for the midrange, but if your quick enough, then you should be able to close in on time before he pulls up a midrange on you, and or drive in.

    Play like that and I guarantee you'll see improvement on the defensive end. I've done it many times during my playing days with succession. So, recap. Never guard someone that isn't a three point shooter all the way out at the three point line. Go and double team someone else, and or stay on the down low/mid range area, but remember to avoid the three second violation. It will force the person with the ball that isn't a three point shooter to gamble with the three while he is out there, and or take a deep two, depending on how quick you analyze if he attempts to close in.

    Lastly, I know Im going to get comments like, "Wow dude, you wrote an "essay"." Well writing has always been one of my strengths, and many of my previous English teachers recommended that I take advance writing courses, creative writing, and etc because they could see a future for me if I were to pursue that field, but unfortunately I have no interest to become a writer, nor do I have any interest to take any more writing courses. Also this is the internet, so I kind of stuck with the slangs, typical typos/grammar issues, and etc, so ya.

    So, to end this, I'm going to take any chance that I can get! Timberwolves, if ya see this shit, you need me on your roster/team to help with the defensive end. I can shut any mother fucker down!" Again, sure I may be 5,8, but I have confidence that I can shut down anyone with my D, and I've proven it many times already, but of course I'll get such replies like, "Oh, you only played with ,and against scrubs, so it doesn't matter if they were 6,5+, because in the end they were still scrub players, and so you stopped shit." Well, then I guess my reply to whomever says so is, To go fuck yourselves…. So again, Timberwolves ya need me to assist with the defensive end! #I can shut down any mother fucker with my D. LavarBallStyle

  2. Some off those shots that went in were assisted by angels……. smh…. double bounce and triple rolls etc…. geesh…. the numbers just stacked up!!!! you got to play them full court "D" like High school…. 94 feet!!!!

  3. They won’t do this vs Golden State. It’ll be fun watching the 2 most infamous chokers fold against Kd and Curry

  4. Lol for all these bandwagoners, this is the best year we've had in last 5 without gs or cavs being dominant teams its anyone's year and EVERY team in playoffs are obviously good.

  5. Doesn’t Anyone Guard The Fucking Three point line?
    Like Come On.
    If there Shooting The Fucking Three 90 something percent of the There offensive possessions
    What the fuck You expect there gonna do.
    Like come on Guard The Fucking 3pt Line for fuck sakes.
    Just Saying🤷‍♂️

  6. Is it just me or anyone else noticing that the big men keep dropping back in pick and roll when the shooters get hot (especially Towns)? Not sure if that is Thib's call or lack of awareness from the players

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