The Wendy Day Interview (Full)

Legendary Music Industry Exec Wendy Day has rap stories for days! From working with Pac on his label imprint, how they became very dear friends, to working with Cash Money and going to New Orleans to find them, Wendy is passionate and dedicated who has an incredible rap sheet. Pun intended.Artists can contact Wendy Day 404 737 1902

6:15 – Adam introduces Wendy Day’s career motto
6:48 – Wendy explains why she value productivity before the money “When I started to make a lot of money, I attracted the wrong kind of people”
8:29 – Wendy started in the music industry as a rap fan, wanting to give back to artists who influenced her
10:03 – Wendy’s early hip hop education was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
11:42 – Falling in love with black music and rock ” I was the white suburban chick who was into hood stuff”
14:27 – “Back then, poppin bottles was not a good look, but Wu Tang was everything”
16:39 – “When Fresh Prince first came out it was so vanilla, we hated it and he won a grammy, we were shocked and I vented about it as a writer on The Source”
22:28 – Addressing the violent content of a rapper should take place behind the scenes
23:45 – Older generations should have conversations with all these new rappers on drugs
24:42 – “You have to be conscious of the image you put out, there are people looking up to you”
25:15 – Wendy shares the positive influence and wisdom Tupac passed on her “Kids sing my song and they don’t understand the meaning..”
27:23 – Some rappers take the fast road to success and adhere to codes they don’t live by
30:00 – Artists overcoming substance abuse
32:06 – Relationship with Tupac “I didn’t like him at first, he was bringing to much noise/ being the center of attention”
34:59 – Sending letters to each other from Rikers “I discovered a new side of him, I sent him some books”
38:13 – Wendy working with him and his label before his passing “What he was working on was amazing, bringing community together”
40:11 – Wendy tells a sweet Tupac story while visiting him in prison
42:48 – How Tupac is now revered as a poet
43:13 – Adam’s mom cried when she heard “Dear Mama”
44:05 – The change from Tupac’s passing in the music industry “Any street artists or gang affiliated were banned from any label”
45:43 – The media stirring the pot when it comes to rap beefs and making situations way worse
46:20 – The responsibility of rappers saying incriminating lyrics and media reporting it
48:15 – The media did make the East Coast / West Coast beef more critical than it was
50:31 – Wendy gives her take on the 6ix9ine situation
54:00 – “Prior to this, I thought 6ix9ine was great, to me he’s this generation’s Onyx, I wanted to work with him. He would’ve never got into this situation under my watch”
56:19 – Relationship with Cash Money
57:24 – Wendy tried to find Cash Money in New Orleans
58:20 – She then got a call with an offer to work with Cash Money out of nowhere
“Cash Money knew I helped Master P’s deal and they hated him but they wanted the same kind of deal”
1:00:26 – “Cash Money got an awesome deal because they let me take the lead and declined several offers for 9 months before finding a good deal”
1:02:45 – Wendy gives very little input outside of the business aspect “C-Murder and I had an awesome relationship, while his lyrics were super misogynistic”
1:04:47 – Separating the business side from the artistic side and to “cultivate the creativity to make artists be the best they can be without controlling them”
1:08:00 – Wendy breaks down her companies and how she helps artists with Rap Coalition and Power Moves
1:10:23 – Wendy gives her take on Megan Thee Stallion deal situation “Sometimes artists don’t look at the value of the money or the experience”
1:15:02 – Labels vs Indie rappers, jet skis vs cruise ship
1:17:56 – Adam finding gems and key informations in books that you can’t find online to make deep dive videos
1:21:53 – Contact Wendy for any business inquiry 404.737.1902
1:22:36 – Wendy’s latest fave artists: Rod Wave, Roddy Rich and Mozzy



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