Thorobread Talks New Project “Trust Is A Luxury”, Working With Don Q and Tory Lanez [Interview]


By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little about yourself?


Thorobread: I’m Thorobread… I’m authentic, I’m just that n**** from around the way with big dreams and aspirations that cannot be held down.



Getmybuzzup: How long have you been in the music industry?


Thorobread: I’ve been doing music my whole life but I haven’t officially stepped into the industry until now.



Getmybuzzup: How did you get started in the first place?


Thorobread: My brother Jermaine, God bless his soul. He wrote my first rhyme when we were kids. He inspired me to start writing.



Getmybuzzup: How would you describe your sound?


Thorobread: I think my sound is the soundtrack for the lifestyle. My sound has quality and substance to it.


Thorobread Talks New Project “Trust Is A Luxury”, Working With Don Q and Tory Lanez [Interview]Getmybuzzup: Who are your inspirations in the music industry?


Thorobread: The usuals you know Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z



Getmybuzzup: What is the concept behind your latest project “Trust Is A Luxury”?


Thorobread: Trust Is A Luxury is a motto that I live by, I believe we can buy many things but not trust… even though it can’t be bought it’s very valuable thus being a luxury. It’s important to give the world an introduction to who I am and what I’ve been through.



Getmybuzzup: Any plans on touring to promote the project?


Thorobread: Absolutely, most definitely!



Getmybuzzup: What did you buy with your first check off music?


Thorobread: I invested it!



Getmybuzzup: What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?


Thorobread: Work hard… keep a good work ethic, stay persistent, and consistent. Always keep an open mind, think big.



Getmybuzzup: What was it like working with Don Q and Tory Lanez?


Thorobread: Those were epic moments for me. When I was sitting back doing my bid those were some n***** I was listening to. They set the bar real high and it’s a good look to be squaring up with some top contenders in the game right now. It was an honour. S/o Don Q and Tory Lanez.



Getmybuzzup: Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?


Thorobread: I would have to say I think my music is more so enjoyed for the lyrical flow and content.



Getmybuzzup: What area do you need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc..)


Thorobread: I’m trying to improve in every aspect I don’t think I can pin point a specific area because I believe there is always room to improve.



Getmybuzzup: What’s your all-time favorite song?


Thorobread: “Meet the Parents” by Jay-Z off The BluePrint 2.



Getmybuzzup: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?


Thorobread: I would definitely have to say Migos because they came in the game and really became some trendsetters for today’s rap culture. They continue to top charts and set records and their music is appreciated by a wide range of people.



Getmybuzzup: Who have been some of your favorite artists that you’ve been able to work with?


Thorobread: So far I’d have to say Northside Benji.



Getmybuzzup: How do you feel about the current state of music?


Thorobread: I love it I think it’s refreshing, I don’t think it’s as violent as it used to be, I mean it can be but for the most part music these days is all about having fun, turning up, getting money that’s the vibe. As we evolve and change so does our music and this era it’s cool because anything goes. You could be messing around in the studio and have yourself a hit.



Getmybuzzup: What is your main goal as far as music?


Thorobread: To be a voice for those who can’t speak up, I wanna keep it solidified for my city and break ground whatever way I can.



Getmybuzzup: Who would you say your music relates to the most?


Thorobread: Definitely the streets, people who are living the fast life and who go through real life situations. For people who’ve been through shit and unfortunate situations can definitely relate to my music.



Getmybuzzup: What separates you from other artists? (What’s makes you different?)


Thorobread: With me it’s a what you see is what you get kind of deal. I think a lot of artists are not who they claim to be. I know rap is fabricated but your audience can resonate with your music more if they feel like you’ve been through what you speak about. That’s me.



Getmybuzzup: When your not in the studio, What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?


Thorobread: I like to do exactly that relax… spend time with my daughter, my family, my people closest to me, play chess, get money.



Getmybuzzup: If you could work with any producer who would it be?


Thorobread: That’s a hard one because there’s always new dope producers coming out the wood works but I’d have to say Murda Beatz due to the fact that we are from the same city and he got that super fuego.



Getmybuzzup: What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?


Thorobread: Dropping my EP, while being on parole and going through what I’m going through definitely has to be the biggest highlight thus far.



Getmybuzzup: What artist music are you currently a fan of?


Thorobread: Philthy Rich, Dave East, Meek Mill, Migos, NBA YoungBoy, Mozzy (1 up top ahk), NorthsideBenji.



Getmybuzzup: When performing live what are some of the things you do to get the crowd involved?


Thorobread: I just tell the DJ drop the beat and I just go with the flow. I haven’t done too many performances yet.



Getmybuzzup: When performing and the crowd is singing along how does that energy make you feel?


Thorobread: It brings me to a whole different level and I feed off that energy knowing they vibing with me.



Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?


Thorobread: More, more, more… more videos, more EP’s, more singles more performances… more Thorobread.



Getmybuzzup: Anything else you wanna add?


Thorobread: I just wanna say shoutout to everyone who’s been rocking with me. The love I receive is bullet proof. It’s all love but I do feed off the hate!



Getmybuzzup: Where can the fans check out for your music?


Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iTunes, Google Play

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Thorobread Talks New Project “Trust Is A Luxury”, Working With Don Q and Tory Lanez [Interview]

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