TI Caught Cheating With Actress | Tiny Caught Comment Creeping

T.I and Tiny have been going through the motions of this up and down emotional roller coaster of a marriage. T.i has been caught cheating with Ana Montana, Bernice Burgos and many others. This time on his list of woman is Asia’h Epperson who was am America Idol contestant, actress of Greenleaf and singer songwriter.

T.I was recently caught backstage smacking the backside of the actress and groping her chest. She may look familiar because she is also one of the 3 women recently arrested at a Houstons restaurant in Atlanta. T.I fought hard to get the women justice and I guess now we know why.

After video footage of TI and the woman was released, people immediately swarmed Asia’h Epperson’s Instagram page leaving her comments that weren’t very pleasing but who would be pleased when a woman is doing things she shouldn’t be doing with a married man? One person who made sure they liked the comments was T.I’s wife Tiny.

She was always petty but we cant say we even fault her in this situation. What are your thoughts?


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