Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness | The Beauty Within

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness | The Beauty Within

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness deserves its flowers. YES! This is a dedication/documentary showcasing everything the game got right and why it should be loved despite its flaws and tumultuous history. We’ll go over the beauty and even discuss exciting updates to a new project you’ll enjoy!
Let’s dive right in. (TIMESTAMPS BELOW)

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Julian Guba (FreakRaider) – head of the AOD 1.5 Remake:

Raidercast – Classic Raider content beautifully done

TRAOD Recovery – Covers beta/hidden content

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Stella’s Tomb Raider Site:

TR Walkthroughs w/ Commentary (BAGZ):

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00:00 Intro
02:55 Core Design Beginning
03:47 Toby Gard the Creator
04:37 The LaraCroft Effect
05:27 E3 AOD Preview
06:24 The Good
14:02 What Really Went Wrong
14:51 My Theory (Raidercast Excavation)
16:55 Sponsor AD
17:24 Discovering Content
18:43 AOD Remake
21:05 FreakRaider Interview
22:50 The Tribute
23:39 Conclusion

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