Toni Braxton’s Ex-Husband Responds To Her Painting Him As A “B*tch” Publicly

Toni Braxton joined Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk to discuss the difficulties posed by divorce. During their conversation, the singer made some remarks about her ex-husband, Keri Lewis, that would be interpreted negatively. Some viewers were left with the impression that the Mint Condition artist had divorced her for becoming sick and unable to bring in the loot as she had in her prime. It also seemed as if she was then forced to pay alimony to the man who abandoned her during a time of weakness. Lewis has since expressed his disagreement with her choice of words to set the record straight.
In a short statement shared via Instagram, Lewis clarified that the alimony he received were paid to him in accordance with a prenuptial agreement he agreed to sign. At the time, he was optimistic about their relationship to the point of foregoing his right to hire his own lawyer during the drafting of the arrangement.

“With all due respect, I don’t see our situation in the same light. I didn’t even use an attorney in our divorce (I also don’t recommend that to anyone.) In addition, while I often did not agree with the creative liberties that were taking in representing our relationship (Toni’s Book, Lifetime Movie, Braxton Family Values, RedTableTalk), we are raising two sons and it can NEVER be to the degree of her referencing ME as a b*tch.. that’s a problem!”

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Author: celeboftea