Tony Allen praises Joel Embiid for motivating 76ers | The Jump | ESPN

Tony Allen joins The Jump and praises Joel Embiid for motivating his teammates on the Philadelphia 76ers.

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35 thoughts on “Tony Allen praises Joel Embiid for motivating 76ers | The Jump | ESPN

  1. Paul Pierce is right: Let the Sixers grow. They'll only go after a big star and pay max dollars if he's a perfect fit – Paul George? Possible but you can't pay him max dollars for 3 or 4 years. Keep flexibility, free agents will wanna go to either Boston or Philly, sign them to 1 or 2 year deals like they did with Redick, you never know how the pieces fit, who gets hurt and who declines.
    LeBron probably only makes sense if they come close to winning it all this year, Kawhi is a big big question mark after this season and quite a risk if things go the wrong way, Sixers are not in a position that they desperately need to take such a risk for the hope of getting the healthy version of last year's Kawhi in return. Sign Redick for less money or another reliable veteran instead, Fultz, Embiid, Simmons and Saric are likely all going to be even better, Covington is big value for money

  2. as a sixers fan i don't want lebron anywhere near this team. we have a 10 year window to win, lbj may have 3-5 years left. he'll ruin the chemistry we already have and leave the team wrecked in a couple years, plus he'll stunt the growth of all our young players. guys like pg13 or kawhi would be much better fits.

  3. If I'm Philly, I'd take PG13 or Kawhi, but I don't want to see Lebron there.. I don't want the ball out of Simmons' hands.. Imo Lebron wouldn't help that team

  4. If ben Simmons works on his shot gets it going then they don't need anyone else otherwise paul George could fit in the system I think LeBron would disrupt this line up they play Euro ball LeBron is not about that

  5. What summons look like standing in the corner while LeBron take over his position that he is excelling in. Philly don’t need Bron or his iso center system & dictatorship. Philly system is way better. Bron can go back to Miami.

  6. Those 'stars' always come with egos which is bound to ruin the chemistry. They have the perfect team structure already. Keep everything how it is and just let the team grow and develop. Save that 30 mill cap for when you need to keep those core guys and also to add quality side pieces. People are saying move Reddick on, and get PG. Why? Reddick is perfect for the system. An unselfish 3pt guy who can get his own basket. George Paul is more selfish, demands the ball more, needs to be the centre of attention, can't shoot the 3ball as well, has poorer shot selection (have you seen some of the shots he has taken this playoff series?). I think they will resign Reddick, to a slightly lower amount for next year.

  7. Paul George a better fit. He doesn't need the ball in his hands as much as a Kawhi or Lebron. Signing George won't stunt the growth of Embiid and Simmons allowing them to have the ball in their hands.

  8. the best thing is there's no egos, all the players put team first. You bring a guy like lebron or pg13 into the mix, their ego will come first, look how many coaches lebron has killed, look at pgs mindset complaining he should always be taking the last shot.

  9. As they are now, Sixers' actually a pretty good team and has the biggest chance of dethroning King James but let's be honest. Do we really think this roster can beat GSW? I don't think so but give them a PG/Kawhi/LBJ then that would be a match up for the ages.

  10. i would love watching Ben Simmons with the ball than watching a boring Lecron choking as usual and taking the Australian master off the ball.

  11. This is the same excitement and hype that surrounded the Olajuwon-Sampson Twin Tower in the 80's, the Penny-Shaq Magic in the 90's, the Triple Future MVP Thunder in the 2010's. All of those teams overachieved as young pups, but never reached the promise land. Every team or individual player goes through the same stages. 1. You are loved when you overachieve. 2. You are heavily criticized when your flaws become more apparent 3. Media finds a newer, younger version to replace you.

  12. Joel Embiid ended LeBron's chances of joining the 76ers and I'm glad he did. LeBron would ruin the chemistry the 76ers have and like these commentators are saying, let them develop and they could potentially be the next young 2012 OKC team with Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Ibaka, Adams, and Reggie Jackson.

  13. Gsw won 73 games and went after kd. You'll see the difference in outcome soon btw the two teams. Philadelphia will mature tho. Cause Boston, Toronto, and the wizards will be around the east for a while.

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