Tony Lewis Jr. Talks Mass Incarceration, Prison Reform And More In His Book

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39 thoughts on “Tony Lewis Jr. Talks Mass Incarceration, Prison Reform And More In His Book

  1. This man hit so many points that directly address the How’s and Why’s about the issues that the Black Community faces. I just think it really sucks how he personally will never get to bring his message directly to the people who need to hear it the most.

    Most Black People in America can relate to each other and understand the message. But like he said, bring black doesn’t guarantee being able to relate because there are a lot of Black People so far removed from these issues that they simply can’t relate UNLESS the data is presented in a way they will understand.

    This type of dialogue has been circling throughout the Black Community for decades. It has to reach into the population outside of the Black Community AND someone who understands the Black Community and more affluent groups of citizens is gunna have to be the one that crosses that barrier.

    Too many people outside of the issues will say “That’s not my problem” or “people will do whatever they wanna do” because they don’t understand how intertwined everything really is. Honestly, The Obama’s were the closest we’ve gotten to being able to cross that barrier and so many people are so hurt that their pain blinds them to this fact.

    I honestly wonder who will be able to do it….. SN: Overtime as the world becomes virtually smaller with technology and human evolution things will inevitably get better all around.

  2. Nice interview. Mr. Tony Lewis Jr. touched on a lot of topics that really impact youth in our community growing up in Washington, D.C. I was born and raised in this city. Because of this interview I feel I have to be more accountable and active in my community as well. #dcornothing #ceasefire

  3. Too bad the white folks with power don’t care about blacks in DC. They’ve been trying to get rid of us for a long time!

  4. I'm a direct product of the good deeds of Tony Lewis Jr. and I've had the pleasure of see this young man grow into the man he is today. I'm a ex offender and now i'm celebrating 13 years at my job thanks to Tony.. Keep doing Great things Tony..

  5. What he is talking about at 10:10 is real. My brother (technically my cousin) was taken in by my mother at a young age. During the middle and high schools years, I lived in PG County, MD and he lived in DC. I ended up going to college and making it, and he ended up getting into the street life and having problems with the law. Glad to say as a man now, he turned his life around. But there is a lot of truth in his people from D.C. are susceptible to that life point. Although growing up in Glenarden and Suitland damn sure wasn't easy for me either.

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  7. Thanks for breaking down the distinction between "DC not getting involved in government." Washingtonians ARE involved in government–local & city/state level.

  8. DJ Envy, Hillary was/is nothing like Trump. 1) The "predators" was one word out of a whole speech. 2) the CBC was a key supporter of the crime bill because of the impacts of drugs on our community. Don't ask a question without having clarity on the entirety of the circumstances. I think Cousin Angela addressed this on this show, her show or any other appearances.

  9. Great interview! I'm in the Midwest and always wondered why they put the prisons out in white rural areas, I never connected it that once they lost their old industries (coal mining, packing houses, warehouse jobs), they brought in a new one (Black incarceration)! Powerful!

  10. Honestly, he is hurting his dad. I will (buy) read the book, but it is all too familiar. This shows that his dad (slight but possible) could have walked in his sons shoes. Having grown up in a trap house….I always thought drug dealing was “corny” and wack. His father received “life” but he took and watched many lives destroyed and accountability came thru incarceration (sad). His dad isn’t innocent by far. I applaud his grandmother and mine. Avoidance! I left sent home what I could….the dudes that I grew up with killing each other, wanna be alpha punks. This is not the lifestyle and many times J-Z wasn’t telling a story he was glorifying it….

  11. I'm a direct product of the good deeds of Tony Lewis Jr. I'm a ex offender who did ten years in jail and now i'm celebrating 11 years at my job thanks to Tony

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