Toronto witness: Victim died in my arms

Diego DeMatos witnessed the Toronto van collision that killed 10 people and tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that a victim he stopped to help died while he was performing CPR.



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26 thoughts on “Toronto witness: Victim died in my arms

  1. After seeing extensive news coverage here back home it's not politically or religiously motivated. So for those of you who are calling him a white Christian worshiper or a radically Islamic terrorist you're are wrong. It was just a sick demented man who couldn't get any women and liked another sick bastard named E.Rodger

  2. Because of this incident, they will now bring in new laws and regulations that will slowly begin to take away our freedom. Watch and see. This whole thing is way too fishy!

  3. I'm devastated by this tragedy, it's truly horrific. Yet I can't HELP but point out the grammatical errors in the national stories… 'Help volunteer' isn't a phrase. She either volunteered or she didn't, and obviously she did. She didn't 'help volunteer', that's like saying one 'helped working'. The word help is irrelevant when referring to occupations, if one didn't help in an occupation it wouldn't actually be one would it?

  4. If I were the the cop and I knew of that idiot in the van and
    what he just did I would have him in the groin.
    I believe if you hate women,girls, you should be
    kicked in the balls over an over,you know, keep you
    out of the gene pool,no reproducing for you,bad enough
    you were born!

  5. enjoy the refugees, canada. islam wont change and they wont leave. these attacks will become so common they wont be reported anymore

  6. sorry but I've ZERO sympathy for this killer – wish the cop had killed him. Now we gotta pay for his stay at the pen.

  7. He is totally out of control himself.He was extremely angry and very afraid at the same time.Angry as to what his emotional sensing dictates him. and afraid of what he is about to do by inflicting wounds on many others as well as himself.

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