Trippie Redd banned from Cleveland, Ohio by Goons who said he used to CHECK IN with them.


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30 thoughts on “Trippie Redd banned from Cleveland, Ohio by Goons who said he used to CHECK IN with them.

  1. Pathetic. It’s so sad to see black people constantly trying to bring each other down. Do you realize no other race does this? White, mexicans, asians, they support the shit out of each other. Black are always at each others necks for NO fucking reason. Pathetic!

  2. Man I'm sick of these dudes with no fame trying to come up off of fake beef. Character is out the window. Anybody can "pretend" to rap, have a label, etc. Put a song out or beat a rapper up on camera. Till then I'm boycotting ALL NOBODIES

  3. Y'all got the audacity to come at white people saying we racist but y'all against urself out here . How u expect people to listen to ur problems when u can't even come together #dobetter

  4. I am in my 2nd year of law eventually becoming a Police Officer because stuff like this motivates me, I can't wait to beat the living shit out of this coons with my baton.

  5. 5:03 that boi 69 aint prove SHXT. Why he hidding around there…..
    He was okay with his friends. REPRESENTING HIM 4 his video,, he was okay with having homies say FUCK LA . Man tell ya boi to chill jus kuz 69 ain't say it. Nobody said fuvk nyc. But fuck 69. He not good anywhere WESTCOAST

  6. These niggas is clowns lol dey sound like little girls, I would never check in with these kind of bozo’s , wavin gats around like Dey toys, dis is stupid dem niggas won’t live long , who da fuck cares about bein banned from Ohio wow

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