Trisha Paytas has an ECOUNTER with UFO

Trisha Paytas has an ECOUNTER with UFO

Trisha Paytas encounters a ufo and takes photos..

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Malik Raji
Anunnaki: Chronicles of Nibiru

Throughout the book, the protagonists uncover evidence of the Anunnaki’s presence on Earth and their interactions with ancient human civilizations. They explore ancient ruins, decipher ancient texts, and encounter artifacts left behind by the Anunnaki. The book depicts the Anunnaki as gods and demigods who shaped human history, influencing the rise and fall of civilizations and leaving behind clues for future generations to discover.

Chronicles of Nibiru combines elements of mythology, archaeology, and speculative fiction to create an alternative narrative of Earth’s history. It explores themes of ancient astronauts, human origins, and the mysteries of the universe. The book aims to entertain readers while also provoking thought and speculation about humanity’s place in the cosmos.

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