Trump: Kim Jong Un very open and honorable

During a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, President Donald Trump said he is looking forward to meeting with Kim Jong Un and added that the North Korean leader has been “very open” and “honorable.”



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50 thoughts on “Trump: Kim Jong Un very open and honorable

  1. Very what now?? Bullshit!

    Look, Kim isn't open and honorable. He's been threatening my country, my homeland. *sigh..*deep makes me emotional. Trump, grow up.
    I promise you won't get any benefit from your North Korean friend. Mr. President, you have no idea who you're going against..and I also promise you my friend, you are no Reagan, you are no Bush. Rather you're a piece of shit, someone who thinks it's that easy to call the leader of our enemy fucking open. They are capable of launching warheads still.
    Just ruin NAFTA, JCPOA man. You don't give a fucking fuck.

  2. Trump is a lunatic racist idiot scumbag. And 60 million of my fellow citizens felt that was a good pick for the rest of us. So Fuck them all.

  3. I love how he doesn't let Macron get the final word, Macron pretty much says his piece after Trump does, but Trump squeezes in at the last second to say some more dribble. Nothing of substance, he just wanted to be the last person to talk. On top of that, he starts crossing his arms halfway through which is his age-old tell that he's nervous and doesn't know what to say.

  4. It's fascinating how Trump in his native language of English sounds like a bumbling idiot and Macron in a secondary language sounds a million times more articulate.

  5. Wow the American president is truly a dumb s**. The French president had the school Trump and Global in economic affairs. Way to go Middle America and South you guys are f***** this country.

  6. He is so desperate for political/diplomatic credit that he would make bad deals and claim its good. Its would be a disaster for the world.

  7. from rocket man to honorable,,this is the flip flopper no credibility president you have,,the same when he said all those bad things about hitlery to saying they are nice ppl after he got elected

  8. Now "right wing" trump is dealing with north korea like president xi of china which is the closest ally of north korea.
    Trump ultimate aim is to withdraw troops from asia to please china and russia. This is the treason.
    Thats why he is always saying something opposite to the military.

  9. What the fuck did he say? He's the dumbest president in history. Please take him back to grammar school. He's disturbingly stupid! Get that thing out of office!

  10. There were some great experts on both sides… Big Numbers, tremendous numbers… We need a new deal, we've got the chance for a new deal, and by the way… We're negotiating a new deal… I think we will have a very very great deal. Rocket man is very open and honourable… The likes of which this world has never seen… Hahahaha… This is hilarious!

  11. ALL LIES! ELE CUT OUR PAY BY 30-35% WHILE GETTING CORPORATE TAX CUTS. Our country has lost it's moral compass and it runs down from the top. I'm so tired of being lied to…working hard gets you no where these days but apparently lying can get you into the most powerful position in the Country.

  12. Did Trump have a bike that peddled backwards as a kid? Superior backpedaling skills when delivering his constant change in narrative of Kim ….

  13. …Who is Ginia? Why are we dealing with them? And this seems like a very indirect way for President Trump to say Kim Jong Un said he had big hands.

  14. Well, Donnie, at least he shows his loyalty and faithfulness to His employers, the Chinese Communists. I do hope you show as much to yours, Vlad the Bad.

  15. Maybe I have a bad translator! But judge for yourself, North Korea poses a threat to the United States. To solve this threat with the help of war will not work, as North Korea is a nuclear threat! It's not better to make friends with her, and extract a win-win deal. North Korea is not afraid to release missiles, knowing that the US will destroy them. Why argue when you can be friends. Maybe I'm wrong, judge for yourself gentlemen!

  16. WTF!!!! didn't ding dong chong tortured and poisoned a young man before releasing him back to the US? Hey TRUMPY you've just slapped the us of america

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