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44 thoughts on “Trump Thanks Kanye West For Poll Numbers | The View

  1. Aside from the obvious point that the economy has been improving since 2009, the world economy has been rising too since 2016. Is Trump responsible for the improving economy in China, India, Mexico and Europe?

  2. I've been rewatching this lol. She wiped the floor with Whoopi Shitface! It was The Trump Bump hahaha. Whoopi had ZERO FACTS to challenge her besides pouting ! This was epic lol. Kudos to that smart lady in the red dress for educating that bombastic dumb ape! Hahaha. And Whoopi you can disagree all you want too, but FACTS are FACTS you FAT FRUMP!

  3. Keep trying to laugh it off ladies, that's what you did for the election. Only sheep listen to these stupid bigoted woman. They are the most negative people on the tv. They are liars and haters

  4. Can someone refresh my memory? What has Trump done specifically to black people to alienate them? I get that he's an all round misogynistic, xenophobic, chavunistic pathological liar, and I remember the vitriol he spewed on the LGBT community, disabled community, immigrants, Mexico, women but I cant remember him attacking the black community explicitly. Was it the whole issue with that fallen soldier who died in Niger? or are there more instances? Dont be harsh on me. Can someone let me know?

  5. Many Blacks and Mexicans support Trump, i'm one Mexican who does and know many. Why so much hate in your hearts? You are bitter not because Trump is a bad person but because there is no love in your heart. USA!!!Putos!!

  6. You have to also remember that Reuters is a German conservative media and some right wing suppot and invest in their company ,so people need to know where all of these are comming from,cos they are simply giving support to a fellow right wing German,we all know trump is of Getman origin.

  7. It’s so refreshing when Meghan’s gone. 😱An intelligent woman who can share an opposing opinion without being combative! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  8. I hope kanye will eventually unstand the harm he did himself in african american communities ,he is so much detasted right now ,and most of them sees him as a sick person,he is seen as omarosa from what i read.

  9. Wel, ,it is only a black person out of his mind like kanye thay will support trump, i actually though not black find trump insinuation insulting like he has often insulted the african americans,they will be super stupid supporting the ones killing them.

  10. How about hiring the most qualified people rather than skin color? There a lot of things you can criticize Trump for, but this is just stupid.

  11. Carpenter had no idea what she was saying. Economic trends had been constant since the recovery act. Volatility and flat markets are what we have now.

  12. Whoopi Goldberg is disputing documented, historical events now? The economy didn't go up last year around this time (May)? Uhh, yeah it did Whoopi. Odd part is, I know you were paying attention to the news this time last year, so how didn't you see it? Is your partisan tunnel vision that severe? Wow.
    These old hens, I can't understand how people tune in to hear Joy Behar and Whoop Goldberg complain. How is this show still a thing?

  13. That poor girl in the red dress will never be invited back for shutting up racist whoopi! Whoopi needs to go back to the jungle!

  14. Trump`s numbers are all SKY HIGH….Rasmussen has him at 51% and even liberal Reuters has him at 48%. They are trying to say something is wrong with their numbers because they are SO HIGH. Black people "secretly" LOVE Trump….he has done so much more for them than any recent president. Ovomit SCREWED the black community.

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