Whistleblowers detail allegations against Trump’s VA pick Ronny Jackson

Whistleblowers detail allegations against Trump’s VA pick Ronny Jackson

Senate Veterans Affairs Committee members are assessing allegations from whistleblowers that have told the panel about nominee Ronny Jackson’s questionable behavior including excessive drinking and a “toxic” work environment under his leadership, according to two former White House medical staff members who have spoken with the committee.



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30 thoughts on “Whistleblowers detail allegations against Trump’s VA pick Ronny Jackson

  1. He got this nomination from Trump because he was prepared to praise his health, because he was prepared to lie for him. That was his payment for it.

  2. as a former Sailor I can tell you that he must have had an excellent work record before getting promoted to Admiral. I recall putting through a phone call for an Admiral and can tell you he was a very polite guy. And I also served on a flag ship with an Admiral who was Com7th Fleet commander.

  3. I am not surprised at all about this. I was at Walter Reed for nearly two years recovering from wounds received in combat. A lot of people (not all) but more than enough where they had this primadonna complex going where they felt they could do whatever and not be touchable. Other than maybe he should have picked someone more qualified, you will find a bad command environment for people coming from that field at that location(close to the white house and other politicians).

  4. All you need to do is FEED this orange Racist Fascist CON's ego: "Oh sir you look great today. You're so handsome. What a great president"……donkey shit and you've got a fucking job.

  5. Trump likes him because he lied about him and gave a fantastical diagnosis that no doctor with integrity would take seriously, and we all know that Trump hates the truth and loves lies, that is the only reason he is being considered. In addition, Trump likes him for now until he says something that Trump doesn't like or is true then the doctor will become one of Trump's many mortal enemies.

  6. I knew something was wrong with this guy when he gave his medical press conference on con trumps health. He made little sense with his comments and seemed to be smooching trump vs. giving yrue facts

  7. Nothing like a alcoholic doctor LMAO 😂😂😂 Trump administration has kept me laughing all year long and continues to do so

  8. This man is being smeared because he wants to cut the waste from the SECOND LARGEST GOV ORGANIZATION. The special interests (including the largest government union) aren't done gorging at the VA teat.

  9. Trump likes to appoint totally unqualified people (like Betsy de Voeux, Ben Carson, Jared Kushner, etc) as it makes him feel comfortable about being totally unqualified for his job !

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