Tyron Woodley & Van Lathan Break Down Kanye’s TMZ Takeover | The Hollywood Beatdown

Every Friday on TMZ Sports UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley dishes on his favorite stories in the world of Hollywood and Sports. Hear what Tyron is FIRED UP about, who he wants to PUNCH IN THE FACE, and his honest take on a story we like to call “On The Real, Though.”

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49 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley & Van Lathan Break Down Kanye’s TMZ Takeover | The Hollywood Beatdown

  1. Everything is a choice.
    You are where u are because of what you did or didnt do.

    We have been taken advantage of because we dont invest in tools to protect ourselves, be it physical, emotional or educational. We are constantly exploited. Until we make that choice it will be a continuous out cry. Whilst others were investing in crossing oceans to see whats out there, what were we doing ourselves. We shouldve been out there too. Right now what r we doing, what oceans are attempting to cross.

  2. "I was talking to him as a brother that needed to be called in a little bit"

    In other words, you believe you own him because he shares the same skin color as you. Way to prove Kanye right you dumb motherfucker

  3. Yeah guys let's get the narrative back! How dare this brother step out of line and think for himself. Doesn't he know the Democratic Party anti Trump narrative runs our world!?

  4. Idk something is off with Kanye sounds like a brained wash trump fanatic …cuz all he was saying was quoting Trump n that didn't sound right…i do get he's trying to break that thought process as a individual, but idk he's saying shit that specifically came out of trumps mouth at one point….

  5. Liberals are so Stupid and ignorant! Make America great again! Van and Woodley are pussys! A couple of sheep!

  6. slax Everybody's A victim the some capacity however some more than others. If Tyron Woodley points out injustices that does not make him wrong…. many people try to discredit the actual facts he says. it's like a person testifies who stole money from a bank and or the bank stealing money from people and another lawyer calling that person crazy to attempt to discredit them. Peace.

  7. Bullet Club Example Eagles should focus on Eagles first. Blue Jays should focus on Blue Jays first. every ethnic group should focus on themselves first in their separate Collective to be at their better potential.

  8. Its too bad black people are so insecure that they cant allow any type of uncomfortable subject to be brought up wo immediately crying racist… this is why they cant allow themselves to progress. Refuse to take any sort of responsibility for there own culture. Its always the white mans fault.

  9. Is there anybody that doesn't like Tyrone. If you answered yes walk over to the mirror right now and punch yourself in the nose, in the nose yes , then look in the mirror and say three times I'm not going to be a hater I'm not going to be a hater I'm not going to be a hater

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