Uncle Tom Was a Hero Sambo was the Creep – Super Audio Episode 1

Dusty Angel and Gully Tv New Addition Dre Espin broadcasting live from Planet Dope discussing The Uncle Tom Stigma


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Rico Recklezz Says Lil Uzi Vert Gave Him Attitude After Mixtape Cover Trolling (Part 1)

Thu Sep 20 , 2018
In this clip, Rico Recklezz caught Vlad up on his latest happenings since the last interview. He discussed the cover art for his mixtape, 'Big Recklezz' which featured some notable names in hip-hop today as babies compared to the fully grown Recklezz. The cover art seems to coincide with Rico's assertion that the whole rap game is stealing from Chicago. When asked if anyone responded to the cover art, Rico said that Lil Uzi Bert showed a bit of discontent toward him backstage at a show. But Rico didn't sweat it much, adding that he's always just joking around.