Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto

A white van collided with numerous pedestrians in Toronto, Canada, police say. CNN’s Jason Carroll reports.


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36 thoughts on “Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto

  1. I did the walk and went to the memorial. For each person that died there was a memorial for that person where they were killed. I hope they all Rest In Peace. ❤️

  2. I went to the memorial today. So sad. My condolences go out to the family’s and the people affected. R.I.P

  3. Really that much damage to front end and yet not a ounce of blood. All that front end damage and not a drop from radiator coolant/trans fluid/oil or radiator at least steaming from impact? Agenda further hatred towards muslims or ( current  boogie man) and new government control push for self driving cars. Same government/media that has lied to us time and time again. No CCTV footage ,just as with every hoax/false flag crappy cell phone footage before and after event but never during. Nato country ..check…

  4. For those SLUGS who can not think for themselves … Catering Truck at Training Scene, ZERO blood on the Sidewalk since this is a TRAINING Exercise. Look at the sidewalk you morons, they are mocking your intelligence LOL "Sidewalks full of Blood in Toronto Attack" that is what the Media TOLD YOU happened. Look at the Sidewalk again you FOOLS!! LMFAO.
    Notice the crowd not 1 of those people were interviewed by CBC, it was only CHOSEN crisis actors. But at least the City of Toronto ( Bankrupt) is receiving $50 million to fight "Automatic Assault Vans". Oh and finally the Cop after having a gun pointed at him, goes back into the Car and turns off the Siren LMFAO!!!!! Friken Crisis actors.


  6. Did the driver incedenlty leave his drivers licence .. dental records a Koran
    Blockbuster video membership card
    And I hate Canada note …

  7. Massive error of judgement to simply arrest this individual. As a trained Police Officer, you would have to assume that the Van was packed with explosives capable of killing more innocent people. The Officer, though brave, dealt with this incident like a normal traffic stop. This situation sadly demands lethal force and should have been done immediately. To say that the police man and those around were lucky is a massive understatement.

  8. The funny about the gun nuts in the comments is that in America the criminal kills themselves or has a shoot out. In Canada the have little to no way of taking the easy way out.

  9. This guy wasn't much of a terrorist. He gave up pretty easily. If you watch him being arrested he sounds like a little bitch. He will gets what's coming to him.

  10. The alleged perpetrator was an Armenian (=Christian) but it's a government staged hoax just like all other terror attacks in the West. The agenda is to divide people, keep them in constant fear and control them by changing laws of democracy and gradually turn Western countries into dictatorships. Wake the fuck up before it's too late, sheeple!

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  12. So this was white on white crime . And u maggots so wanted to blame a minority for this lol hard luck.

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