Victorious De Costa on Mental Wellness and Telling The Story of Weldon Irvine

Victorious De Costa, the director of ‘Digging for Weldon Irvine’ joined First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid to open the conversation up about mental wellness.

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12 thoughts on “Victorious De Costa on Mental Wellness and Telling The Story of Weldon Irvine

  1. This interview really hit home. Bipolar disorder is something that runs in my family and I have watched my mother struggle with it since I was a child. This is really a serious subject and its a shame that the Black community for the most part, doesnt take it seriously enough.

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  3. Mental health is serious. I think that there are some mental issues that are more a part of our natural process than what we have previous believed. Like depression…I think that it's a more "natural" occurrence than what thought. As we grow, evolve, change… Our brains, emotions, mentality are doing the same. But we haven't been paying attention to it like we would, say, our eyesight, skin, hair, etc. The care for our mental state often gets left behind until some drastic situation comes up. Mental health should be made just as important and natural to our medical team as a general physician, obstetrician and gynecologists. Just my thoughts. Peace and love to you all 💜🔮🌒🌚🌘🔮💜

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