Video shows military plane crash

The military is investigating why an aging cargo plane making its final military flight nosedived into a Georgia highway on Wednesday, killing all nine people on board.


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49 thoughts on “Video shows military plane crash

  1. "These military jets" {1:54} comment regarding this accident…why are you, in this example, CNN headline news talking head so ignorant and uninformed? The C130 and the numerous variants of that airplane are 4 engine turboprops. The C130 (Hercules or "Hurks) have 4 turbine engines driving 4 very large propellers: they are not ram jets, scram jets, pure jets, hi or medium bypass jets they are not "jet airplanes" at all. The C130 is a propeller driven airplane not a "jet". You reporters especially in the United States, ALL of you, routinely demonstrate your virtually complete ignorance regarding aviation every time you open your mouths. You demonstrate your idiocy every time you "report" on anything aviation, a subject I and many others, know a little about. Given your "profession" is so terrible at getting basic information correct when pontificating about subject which I know a little about; what does that teach me about listening to you when you flap your jaws on the the vast number of things I am myself uninformed about? It teaches me that YOU are "Fake News" and useless at best, dangerous at worst.

    Do something useful with your life; go apprentice and learn a trade or go back to school and get a useful education.

  2. 1:55….."these planes are huge….do you know what people said about the rumbling!"….and then she stares into the camera….. with her new lenscrafters glassses….like she just said something intelligent……this woman is an idiot.

  3. The C-130 has been around for more than 60 years (1954 to present), that does not mean that that particular C-130 was more than 60 years old you arrogant liberal stupid cow!!

  4. A giant heap of trash 60 years old the oldest in Air Guard because you know u send the brown citizens south your junk. We have the oldest planes in the Air Guard that aint fair.

  5. Yeah, you DUMB B*tch… Of course it caused an EXPLOSION – Ya Think???!!! Then, this Idiot called the plane a "Jet"? Journalism is DEAD in America. RIP

  6. Oh an OLD plane that was supposed to be DECOMMISIONED and its was supposed to be its LAST FLIGHT

    Im saying the plane is really old and the crash is understandable

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  8. Typical stall/spin… Now why? POor flight planning and flying wrong air speeds then pilot error. If no catastrophic damage to controls, then pilot error. If he would have lost all 4 engines and stalled, then pilot error as well. Did they have cargo? Did the cargo shift to the tail? Improperly secured? No mention of cargo. Look like a typical hot day low air density scenario. Witnessed claimed that he barely took off and barely cleared the trees. Then again, bad decision and pilot error.

  9. Very sad, our condolences to the families of the military men and women that was a board that plane crash. Also a big thanks to 1st RESPONDERS, without the military's work, we wouldn't have a great UNITED STATE'S OF AMERICA, May god be with them all thats given the ultimate sacrifice on retiring this old C130, you all gave your life over this plane's retirement. Very sad for those Airmen from the National Guards.

  10. did the pilot retract the flaps too soon?  doesn't look like it had enough airspeed for a full retraction…then stalled.

  11. I flew similar models for years in my AF career, and I remember how it feels thinking your time is up–but it's not long in thought. In my case, twice the engines had been fuel starved due to flight engineer not following procedure to transfer the tanks, and all four engines lost power. Once was over eastern Turkey and once was over the North Atlantic. Another one was a run-away elevator trim tab motor that would not let us level off after take off…and it made the aricraft tend to want to climb steeper and steeper–bleeding off the airspeed, and we almost stalled. Luckily for us, the engineer pulled out the right CBs to null out the trim tab, and the pilot in the left seat used brute force (he was big dude) to push the nose back over and let us get it on the ground. In times like you are so busy running checklists and assessing the problem that you don't think about pending outcomes for long. That is why you often hear the crew sound so calm on these things. But you can bet nerves set in later and one shakes like a leaf. Despite all of the above the worst time I had was as a passenger on a flight back into Tampa when the pilot could not get the gear down–and I was in the back knowing about the problem and being totally helpless….that was real agony and it was 20 minutes of it. My expectation and hope is the crew on this aircraft stayed busy to the end.

  12. If the tail number was 650968 it was built in 1965, making it 53 years old. This was an old HC-130 (used for search and rescue), not a WC-130 (weather aircraft). It's sister aircraft on active duty AF had long been retired in favor of the C-130J. I doubt it was age related, but on a flight to the boneyard, they likely are not going to make sure it's a full mission capable aircraft. RIP to the crewmembers and may their families find comfort. Very sad.

  13. It was a sad day here in Savannah Georgia. An a sad day in Porto Rico. My prayers goes out the families of the pilots. God blessed everyone in in there families.

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  15. Look, I get people dying everyday is a part of life but this woman is sitting here smiling at the beginning. Like. Could you show these people just 5 minutes of respect?

  16. Did anyone else catch he yesterday the people in the gas station was terrified the plane could hit them … yesterday as two day before the crash

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