Video shows police enter Vegas killer’s room

After Stephen Paddock opened fire on concertgoers from his hotel room in Las Vegas in October, officers stealthily moved down the hallways with guns drawn, ordering hotel occupants to stay indoors.


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23 thoughts on “Video shows police enter Vegas killer’s room

  1. This shit is funny AF🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I damn sure don't give two fucks about it, blacks would've been super screened/harrassed in various instances vs this pecker wood who obviously slipped thru all kinds of cracks in order to carry out one of the worst shootings in Americas modern day, I'm more so just enjoying it with popcorn and soda in hand, I'm so entertained, I mean very entertained, very. Not my problem!

  2. Will you pray with me for our Nation? Precious, MIGHTY, HOLY ABBA FATHER YHWH. In YOUR HANDS are ALL things. We humble ourselves before You and ask you to Forgive us as a Nation for our sins, our indifferences, for every offence against you or others. Give us strength and courage to stand up for YOU and Your will and ways against what ever evil confronts us. Send hoardes of Heavenly HOSTS to wage war against the wickedness in High places Father!! Let TRUTH & JUSTICE & UNITY & PEACE prevail FATHER. On Earth as it is in Heaven! Give us wisdom and Grace. Protect and Bless us with Your Presence. Guide us with Your hand. Thank you for all things, and Thank You for placing President Trump and Vice President Pence and the others whom You have placed in positions, help them to lead this nation in Your Righteous path. Protect them and their families Abba! Grant them multiplied wisdom, strength, courage and Grace to properly lead this land, as we call on You, seek your will and seek to be those called by Your Great Name, Yahweh, and that of Your Great Son, Yeshua , Messiah, Lion of Judah, Lamb of Yah!! Our Precious Savior and Savior of All who come to believe on Your Great Name and Accept the sacrifice made on our behalf! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We Praise You and long for Your Presence!

  3. How was he able to smuggle all those guns into the casino?
    I've been to many Los Vegas casinos, they have cameras and metal detectors everywhere, you can't even fart without security knowing about it.

  4. CNN and other MSM outlets say "Shooter" when dozens of eyewitnesses and videos point to there being more than one shooter. QUESTION VEGAS everyone. Don't be afraid to question this event. Don't be intimidated into only believing what outlets like CNN tell you. Listen to what the people on the ground where saying …. watch the videos shot from the ground the night of this shooting, please.

  5. But he's not a terrorist right because he's white? Guys, you have to kill people while wearing the brown skin in order to be considered a terrorist. A white person who kills people is always mentally challenged…always.

    A terrorist is a person who terrorizes. If you are terrorized by a KKK member, does that make the KKK member a terrorist? Of course not you dummy! KKK is white skinned! If you are terrorized by a brown skinned person, does that make him a terrorist? Of course you dummy! He's brown skinned!

  6. A millionaire senior citizen suddenly turns into a sharp shooter and decides to shoot hundreds of people all by himself for no reason? And there's zero video footage of Paddock shooting from his hotel room at a Las Vegas casino with over 30,000 video cameras? Got it.

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