W. Kamau Bell Addresses Race And The Concept of “Whiteness”

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25 thoughts on “W. Kamau Bell Addresses Race And The Concept of “Whiteness”

  1. Do racist assholes just wait for any black person to talk racism and then just convene in the comment section to tell black ppl they are playing the victim card


    Its all about victimhood. Not rising up and being smart. Shhh. Its all white people.

  3. Great question asking WHO is the non white person that does not see the problem because you find yourself trying to explain to them if you are associated or may be a neighbor but they dont see it, dont want to see it, and do not think its a problem when it clearly is. My answer is they dont see it because its not happening to them!

  4. Complains the man MARRIED to a White Woman; not saying there's anything wrong with marrying a Non-Black person … BUT your complaints don't hold wait.

    Would have more respect/be willing to listen if he spoke more on how Young Black Men/Women should strive to to better for themselves.

  5. Sway a predominately white audience is now main stream, he can't talk about black struggles as he's literally creating more Rachel Dolezal, basically bored middle class white peoples who are outcasts in their communities wanting attention for anything so leech off black struggles & gets rewarded with MONEY eg head of the NAACP or get a Netflix show…. shieet! These supposed allies are only in for it for the money…

  6. It's easy to say there's institutional oppression but without proof, other than a hand full of incidents, I just see a bunch of victim cards. That's why white people struggle to talk about it. It's like arguing with someone who's religious… there's no way to get them to even consider the view point of the other side.

  7. Would black people fight for equality if whites were the minority and had been through slavery and racism and there was black privilege????!!!!! I don't think so, maybe a few but not enough to make a change. I'm not saying racism is right. I'm saying white people are getting put in the wrong column because they choose to stay neutral and mind their own business and live their lives with no public opinion on racism. Truth is if a white person was to stand up for the equality movement and not do one thing right or not go as far as blacks would like then your ass is thrown under the bus and now your a piece of shit even though you was fighting for equality. I'LL JUST STAY IN MY LANE AND TAKE CARE OF ME AND MY OWN

  8. Where Nick was raised, to make a rent payment, poor people pry pennies from the pavement. And when people in poverty can’t meet their needs, they seek to profit from the lottery, or possibly a robbery by stealing property. Some swallow their pride to borrow a dollar just to drown their sorrows at the bottom of a brown bottle. In many poor communities, the ideal opportunity was to learn skills to earn a salary in a factory or steel mill.

    Book: Trapped in the Cracks

  9. When the stork soared, Dennis was born to hold a sword, because his kin couldn’t afford spoon nor fork. Moreover, they rarely ate more than porridge, and slept in a shed meant for storage. Therefore, since a youth, his views were distorted. The boorish boy soon aborted the boring chores he abhorred to consort with coke-snorting whores. He refused to be lorded over or accept living on a shortage. He had sordid dreams of importing portraits for his fortress, sort of like Gotti, with enough green, from a tsunami of Molly and Oxy, to buy Bugattis and Ducatis. Even if it took a heap of leaking bodies, eventually he’d be drinking kiwi martinis on the beaches of Tahiti or Fiji with sweeties in bikinis.
    At twenty-four, with forged forms for America, he found an empty export ship at the port and boarded with his cohort—a whore with poor character named Erica.
    Over the course of working in accord with Robert, he ignored laws of manslaughter, and resorted to assaults with scalding water. He went overboard because he swore someone was hoarding unreported dollars. His tendency to get pissed and flip his wig over the skimpiest diss wasn’t a myth; with the swift swing of a scythe or a sickle, he’d send you to the crypt for a single twinkling nickel.

    Book: Trapped in the Cracks

  10. Summary of this lame ass interview . “ race race race race” “white privileged” “systematic racism. Bunch of whining over privileged Americans. You dont like america . MOVE!

  11. This is ONE ignorant race baiting bastard . Of course CNN gave him a platform , victim mentality having imbecile.

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