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Spin Gurus

By Jack Barnes

The DJ scene in India is booming and there are a lot of people who want to become a part of this rapidly growing industry. Whether it be in nightclubs, bars, parties or even raves, DJs are always the life of the party. So, if you love music and like to be the center of attention, being a DJ can be a good career path for you.

Recently we have talked with Super Dang, the founder of Spin Gurus, and asked him about their famous ‘Complete DJ Course’. Read below to know the details of this exclusive interview.

Tell us about Spin Gurus

I launched Spin Gurus in 2005, thereby making it India’s first professional DJ and Music Production Academy. Over the years, we have taught and trained hundreds of students about DJing and music production in over 20 countries. In fact, we hold the number 1 position for producing the most number of working graduates in the Indian DJ industry.


Could you tell us a little about your Complete DJ Course?


As the name suggests, our ‘Complete DJ Course’ will teach you everything about DJing from the beginning to the end. The course covers all the important aspects that are required to become a successful DJ. So, it starts with an introduction to the DJ Industry, teaches the fundamentals of DJing, educates you about all the basic and advanced techniques, and finally ends with a ‘tips and advices’ section where our students can learn how to promote themselves as a DJ.


Our courses are taught on latest DJ Equipment such as Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2. We cover 3 types of DJing – CDJs/ DJMs, DJ Controllers, and Laptop DJing. The course also teaches our students about music theory so that they can learn how to perfect harmonic mixing.


What is Harmonic Mixing?


Professional musicians, producers, and DJs utilize a strategy called ‘Harmonic Mixing’ to compose songs and create mashups or mixes that sound beautiful to the ears.

When you play the same song back-to-back, the mix will always sound pleasant because the key and the tempo are the same.


What are the prerequisites to apply for the Complete DJ Course?


There are no formal entry requirements for taking the course. You don’t need to have any musical skills since our instructors teach our students everything from the very beginning. We assume that our students have no previous experience and even if a few of them have some knowledge about DJing, we don’t allow them to skip any steps.

This is crucial because most people in this field are self-taught and learn incomplete information. Progressing this way is the only way to fill the gaping holes in their knowledge and understanding.


To learn more about the ‘Complete DJ Course’ by Spin Gurus, log-on to spingurus.com or ring them up at +91 9968422228.

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Wanna be a DJ in India? Check out India’s Best DJ Academy - Spin Gurus

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