Was Dorinda Medley Right To Snap At Sonja Morgan? | RHONY | WWHL

Carole Radziwill is asked if she thinks Dorinda Medley was right to snap at Sonja Morgan during a recent episode of #RHONY and Carole defends Sonja about keeping the memories of the deceased alive.
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Was Dorinda Medley Right To Snap At Sonja Morgan? | RHONY | WWHL



Author: TVQueenie

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33 thoughts on “Was Dorinda Medley Right To Snap At Sonja Morgan? | RHONY | WWHL

  1. Dorinda is an alcoholic blubbergub! Sonja is still feeling the loss of her marriage and Dorinda needs to be told that she is not the only one to have experienced LOSS in her life …. that does not only apply to the death of a loved one! Dorinda’s mouth is way too big!

  2. Dorinda thinks she is the only one that has ever gone through a death that is all we ever here about. I feel sorry for her new partner. She is just projecting her bs onto sonia saying that sonia cant get over her past when Dorinda is the one who is stuck in the past and hasnt moved on

  3. Dorinda was very wrong in this situation! She was loud! Rude! Drunk and probably snorted something in the ladies room! She was way overly dramatic!

  4. Well, Dorinda is just a vile alcoholic, and Carol please gurl get that front teeth fixed, another rabbit ho, just pain looking at her taking.. irrelevant boring asf … 🤮🤮

  5. I get where Dorinda is coming from but she was totally wrong for the delivery of it. I don’t like how they always pick on Sonja because she’s the easiest target.

  6. If your worried your husband might screw the babysitter then you have bigger problems than finding an ugly babysitter.

  7. Dorinda was wrong. It's obvious that Sonja has gone through a horrible time and is having trouble letting it go. It's obvious that she suffers, whether you agree with it or not. Dorinda was shameful.

  8. I just think that Dorinda recognizes how delusional Sonja is and is tired of people acting like it's totally normal! Dorinda is calling her out on her shit when no one else is!

  9. I, love Dorinda but.. Sonja is an easy target. Carole, Tinsley and Dorinda are ganging up on Sonja because they can.

  10. Sonja did not compare her divorce to the death of Dorinda’s husband. She was merely saying that she can feel however she wants and mention her divorce x times cause it's HERS. They just want to get rid of Sonja on the show, for whatever reasons…

  11. andy keep.drinking from the tap u= (😨) all the urea has been.absorbed by your tiny tiny brain , carole ratzwell is a hag and a fellow satanist of yours !

  12. Dorinda did go hard but Sonja was the one who threw the first strike, dismissing Dorinda's feelings about her deceased husband with annoyance. Everybody has to put up with her narcissistic delusions but god forbid someone took the focus away from her and how insensitive of Sonja to be vocal in her irritation about Dorinda's mourning. So I didn't feel bad for Sonja, she poked the bear and got a response. Everybody who sees the show knows Dorinda has a bad temper and will go ham when provoked.

  13. I am getting real tired of drunken Dorinda always going after Sonja and nobody standing up for her, I would NOT be sad to see Dorinda go!

  14. So far this season, Dorinda has been reality tv GOLD!!! I can’t get enough of her!! And hell yeah Dorinda had every right to snap on Sonja! I honestly don’t know how the ladies have dealt with Sonja’s delusional ways all these years??! I would have snapped long ago.

  15. Dorinda was completely over the top and a divorce is like a death esp to someone who didn’t want to get divorced in the first place.

  16. Of course Richard still be remembered and spoken about but why attack Sonja for wanting to keep her memories alive as well. In time Dorinda will realize the mistake

  17. A divorce is a like a death, only thing different is you can still be abused if you're in a messy divorce, if your spouse dies their put on a pedestal. Different but kinda the same…

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