We Renovated A Swiss Chalet In New Jersey | Bustle

We Renovated A Swiss Chalet In New Jersey | Bustle

Renovating a foreclosure was just what this family needed to spark a little fire in their lives. And also a real fire — whoops.

After learning her husband’s job would relocate their family from Chicago to New Jersey, Jessica Jostes was not pleased. She and her kids were less than thrilled to move to the Garden State, until one of her sons found this *castle* online. They decided to view the home to appease their son, knowing it was a foreclosure with many issues. As Jostes states, “it was love at first sight,” despite its warped doors, rodent infestations, and basically unlivable conditions.

Restoring the Tudor home quickly became Jostes’ full-time job. She worked to replace what needed replacing while keeping the Swiss chalet charm. (Hello, basement pub with stained glass windows!) She shares her unpredictable renovation stories and foreclosure purchasing tips with Bustle in this episode of Relocated.

Relocated is a series from Bustle that features bold individuals who leave the beaten path behind to live a life by their own set of standards.

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