What Does ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Michael B. Jordan Want In A Wife?

What Does ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Michael B. Jordan Want In A Wife?

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Michael B. Jordan being sexy isn’t a shocker — it’s actually pretty plain to see. So, when People magazine crowned the “Black Panther” actor this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” no one was surprised, but dehydration levels were suddenly at an all-time high!

But, even though MBJ clearly has a bevy of beautiful ladies he could choose from, he’s finding it hard to settle down, telling the mag that he has, “faith that one day, yes, I want children. I want a wife. It’s kind of tough right now when I guess my first choice is always work. But having a family is definitely important.”

So, when he does finally find the one, what traits will she have?

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