What Is High Voltage Slip Ring?

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It!

Electrical machinery is advancing its foot towards the new technology day by day. In the past, most of the equipment was mechanical, but with more advancement, electrical devices took their place. Nowadays, every machine has some electric assembly present in it. There are plenty of electric devices present in the market, High Voltage Slip Ring is one of those devices, and its importance is because of its electric plus mechanical property. We call these types of devices as electromechanical devices.

What High Voltage Slip Ring Exactly Is?

The high Voltage slip ring is electric, as well as the mechanical device which transfers electric voltages from stationary part of the machinery to the rotatory part. We know it’s hard to understand its working by just a definition. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you each and everything about this particular device.

There are some devices, in which we have to perform a specific task and that task can only be performed by the rotation of an object. So we simply allow transmission of electric signals through a rotating assembly. That’s where we need the high voltage slip ring.

How High Voltage Slip Ring works?

A high voltage Slip Ring assembly consists of two main parts, one is a stationary part that could be graphite or metallic brush and the other one is a rotating ring. It is assembled in such a way that the metallic brush touches the outer diameter of the ring. So, when metal ring rotates, the stationary part (Metallic brush) transmits the electrical signals to that metallic ring. Hence, the transmission of electric power occurs from stationary to the rotating part of the assembly.

Uses of the high voltage slip ring

High voltage or high-frequency slip ring is used in various electromechanical devices. Some of them are below:

Loading and Unloading – This type of slip ring is used in stackers, where heavy mass is needed to be loaded or unloaded. In power plants, this type of machinery is used. The high voltage slip ring is used at ports for this specific purpose.

Heavy-Motors – This type of slip ring is used in motors that are used in mining projects. These heavy motors are being used in the cement industries.

Electricity Generators – One of its significant uses in the generators. The high voltage slip ring is used in wind turbine generators and different windmills.

Offshore Cranes – Mostly, these cranes have a combination of different types of slip rings in them. But the high voltage slip ring is also used in these types of cranes.

Best models of High Voltage Slip Rings

There are various companies which are manufacturing high-voltage slip rings, some of them are given below:

Meridian High Voltage MXV Slip rings – These slip rings are best if the voltage requirement is greater than 600V. However, these slip rings range up to 5000V. The best thing is that they have a brush free design that will minimize the requirement of maintenance.

Moflon High Voltage Slip Rings – This Company is manufacturing slip rings range from 10KV to 110KV. They are designing custom slip rings at the request of consumers. So, if you want your custom slip rings. Explain your requirements to them and they will give you what you exactly want.

MOOG 303 – This slip ring is best for high temperature and pressure. This model of slip ring has a tendency to bear up to 200 Celsius of temperature. The rotation speed is up to 20RPM.

BGB high rated slip ring – BGB technology offers a variety of slip rings on demand. You can have the specification sheet form their official website.

Things you should keep in mind while going for a high voltage slip ring:

There are plenty of factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a slip ring. Some of them are the following:

  • If you’re planning to operate your high voltage slip ring in outdoor, make sure to go for a waterproof slip ring. It’s unfortunate that most engineers ignore this situation. Always specify your weather conditions to your company vendor so that he may give you the best slip ring according to your requirements.
  • The slip rings used in mining or any operation where there are chances of the explosion of the device. Then, you must tell your vendor about the nature of your work. Always take necessary safety precautions while using high voltage slip ring in your devices.
  • If you’re about to operate your device on heights, it’s a good practice to specify this to the company. It’s not that much crucial point, but still safety above all, always and forever.
  • If your device requires more RPM, then go for the slip ring which suits your requirement. This will enhance the efficiency of your device. Most of the devices require less RPM, but on installing a slip ring of higher RPM, we’ve noticed the increase in efficiency

Always analyze the nature of your work. Be a good engineer, do some homework first then go out for your product selection so that you may not get in trouble during the operational work. We’ve seen people who do not pay attention to what they actually need and they end up having casualties.

Did you find it helpful? If you think we’ve missed out anything related to High voltage slip ring. Do let us know. If you have any questions that are causing trouble in your mind, open up to us. We’d be happy to assist you further.

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What Is High Voltage Slip Ring?

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