White House tries to clarify Trump ‘breeding’ tweet

Analysts discuss White House press secretary Sarah Sanders comments that President Trump’s tweet about sanctuary cities and a “breeding concept” in California was referring to a “growing” immigration problem.



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23 thoughts on “White House tries to clarify Trump ‘breeding’ tweet

  1. Bullshit! Eat shit, Sarah Sandwhich,. Trump is a fat racist pig and his supporters are the bottom of the barrel of humanity. Sickening fucking animals. i'm white, i want to see every inbred sister fucking retard Trump cocksucker removed from the gene pool.

  2. Come on. Ideas and concepts can breed and proliferate in a society. This is quite the stretch. Not a big fan of this one CNN.

  3. I can't imagine how bizarre it must feel to have as a job to find excuses and rationalize ridiculous remarks made by a grown up person such as the potus.

  4. I just don' know how Sarah looks into her children's eyes or holds a bible and is able to feel good about herself. If this is who she really is, may the angels of humility and compassion forever walk beside her.

  5. I can clarify what was meant. Trump is a disgusting person and he meant something disgusting. Sarah is defending a disgusting tweet and she herself is disgusting both looking and morally.

  6. Stop asking her what he meant. Couch your questions in terms of what you know he meant.
    He speaks in absolutes and superlatives. Speak to her in terms he will understand.
    "Sarah, our president is worried sanctuary cities in california are breeding grounds for illegals, specifically Mexicans. Can you please clarify what, if any, steps the white house plans to enact in response to criminal Mexicans breeding in California?"

    Asking her "what he meant or means" gives her an immediate out. "I'm not going to surmise, put words in his mouth, i don't mean to say what he thinks." etc.

    Jeez … u r supposedly educated professionals and you present your questions in the same way every time. Be a little more artful, can'tcha?

  7. I've had to watch my Once Beautiful 🌇🏞💕Seattle become a Cesspool ( NOT a Sanctuary) of FILTH, DRUGS, Urine, FECES, ALCOHOL, Garbage, HEROIN, SEX TRAFFICKING of our poor kids, ….MANIACAL Behavior …..& a set up for failure. When this goes on in a city, the term "breeding " ground for Crime is a commonly used phrase for causing more criminal behavior & Negative effects-Danger for citizens. The media & others are living in a VICTIM MENTALITY. The whining has gone beyond the absurd…& now has become a DIAPER MENTALITY. Time to remove the pacifiers. 0

  8. look at all these Totally Indoctrinated Leftist-rats!! lol. uhh uhh, what did it mean…rrr rrr, it must be racist…ya racist… breeding is Russian for racist… let's not touch the subject, the MAJOR problem at hand…."the f'n EXPLOSION, INVASION, BREEDING EXPANSION of intentionally law-breaking Chicano's & other Latino's… who proclaim out loud (not on this chitty, illegitimate news organization) that this land is rightfully theirs & they're not stopping until all of their Aztec-era domain is reclaimed (ya, not gonna happen)….u queer, bird- brained Leftist idiots (not u paid Leftist trolls/gov. agents who do most of the commenting to replace the massive exodus from this wicked, racist Democratic Party..no, not you …u fags are hopeless dog chit idiots salivating for the Leftist-NWO & U.N. Takeover… you're not even down for America) aren't shown the reality taking place….the REAL RACISTS ARE THESE CHICANO INVADERS…Do your due diligence on any news report… (esp. from CNN who fakes most their bullchit anyway….."if u did due diligence, u would see the EXPANSIVE video collection online exposing this"…but most y'all lazy as F!)…..La Raza & its key element MECHA…. get smart on it ya shmux! Go see for yourself the video tape of these "ANIMALS"…that's not racist u fanook bastards…..once you realize their goal (ethnic cleansing of anything non-chicano….RESEARCH THIS FACT) then develop an opinion… until then….GET A F'N BRAIN U LEFTIST TWITS!
    **their cleansing includes our Black brethren too, FYI…& these invaders are culling up all kinds of political offices, seats, school boards, HR offices….

    And, F off, there're the racists….and my Filipino wife & i have been witness to this bullchit many times in the last 2 months…

  9. Whats ugly, is the division that your BS creates, causing violence, fear and unrest so it sells! Really, your making something into nothing where you absolve yourselves from any instigation and the consequences as a result. If you didnt misuse every opportunity to slander our President, then people wouldnt react to it. In essence, CNN is undermining the office of the President, which is sedtious behavior and could lead to Treason if our nation becomes in peril should something happen to our President, God forbid that should ever happen you morons! You idiots just dont get the ramifications of your delinquent and deliberate behavior! How about you actually report real news for a change!

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