Why 360 degree feedback is important?

360-degree feedback software has an impact on leadership teams which rolls over to an entire organization. In providing a confidential, safe and reliable method of providing feedback a company gains vital insights into leadership patterns along with overall health of an organization. With 360-degree feedback, organizations stand to understand what is working and what is not in an organization. In analyzing this feedback organizations can take necessary action which helps employees improve and in the process becomes better and worthy leaders of a company.

Till today when an organization goes on to launch 360 degree feedback software, there are some employees who are reluctant to participate in it. Why do I need to be part of a survey?  Can I request others to take a survey on my behalf?

These responses are not bad, but you cannot term them great as well.  To avail, honest feedback about performance is a difficult task. Once the leader moves up career stream candid feedback about their leadership style goes down. People are afraid of displeasing others in feedback positions and for this reason quality of feedback goes down.

The benefits you can expect from 360-degree feedback?

If undertaken in a proper manner there is some major benefits of 360-degree feedback as follows-

Increase in self-awareness

By self-awareness, you become well versed with your personality. You have an idea about your strengths, weakness, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. When it comes to leadership self-awareness becomes considerably important. When leading people you have to balance a list of their complete priorities. Even leaders with good intentions go on to make mistakes as improvements are made in the wrong direction.

Each one of us feels that they have a good handle on how people perceive them. But research suggests that they do score less than their supervisor and people reporting to them directly score above them.

Clarifies behaviors

If anyone asked you what are the list of behavioral traits you might want to see in a leader, the list would go over your head? In a standard business leader, these are behavioral traits mentioned. The manner by which you ask them teaches the importance of behavior in an organization.

Understand on how things are getting done in expectation to the manner you would like them to be done

It means getting it done in a correct manner if it fails or no matter whatever is the situation it has to be done. The question of outcome and process comes into consideration. Nothing is accepted as a guarantee and if you focus on the process you do present yourself of getting the desired outcome. In addition, you have the added bonus of accountability and predictability.

Encourages dialogue

From moving from measurement to improvement dialogue is the first step. Dialogue beings with a fruitful discussion among intended parties to reveal strengths along with weakness. If a situation arises, dialogue needs to include peers along with employees.

Better working relationships

In any relationship, the most vital behavior appears to be reciprocity which is an exchange on a mutual basis. Feedback on performance is something that appears to be one-sided as a supervisor /reporting relationship or it is missing altogether as there is no need to say anything. If you introduce this point into a relationship this develops reciprocal support.

Enhances personal development

It is quite unlikely that leaders have gone on to reach a position in an organization where they can behave randomly. But at the same time honest or reliable feedback is necessary to test your perceptions.

Personal development is all about how contributors become efficient managers. An organization that provides more employment opportunity will retain talent in comparison to a situation where employees have to look outside of their organization for personal development. With a 360-degree feedback component, vital areas of personal development are assured.

Increases accountability

A common enemy of accountability is ambiguity. More things appear to be vague less you can hold someone responsible for it.  In this manner back biting takes place in an organization.  A simple situation of “I will take care” goes on to become” What you need to take care off”. A clearly cut specifics is not provided for the same. You cannot ask someone to be a better leader or demonstrate company skills. Here the utility of 360-degree feedback comes into picture which clarifies behaviors and allows you to make a judgment whether that behavior is demonstrated or not. This, in turn, allows you to hold someone accountable for their behaviors. The best part about the situation is that you have made behaviors accountable where an individual takes onus upon themselves to perform. In this manner, you take a considerable burden off your shoulders.

Better performance

Out of various points, this appears to be one of the arguable best points. This is in relation to 360-degree performance and that is to improve performance. This tool is a vital cog in the wheel to improve performance and enhance accountability. In a way, clarity is provided on how you are planning to improve performance. It is not a magic formula and most organizations do not roll out correctly which does make things worse than before. Research does showcase the fact that a 360-degree program relates to better performance and increased employee engagement. If it is undertaken well it could be an area that employees would look up to it rather than being dreaded. You could become a hero if you present this tool to your employees on your path to improved growth along with improvement.

To conclude chances are remote that leaders have gone on to attain desired positions in an organization via a random manner. They are going to have a considerable idea about leadership behaviour and a viable idea about their needs. In addition they should be aware of their beliefs, along with strengths and weakness. Reliable and honest feedback is the need of the hour to test one’s own perceptions and become aware of unseen strengths.

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Why 360 degree feedback is important?

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