Why A Cloud-Based POS Is Better Than A Traditional POS?

When you are starting your business, you need to make several important decisions, which can be a very complex task. A lot of money, time and effort are involved in setting up your business. As a result, you need to be very prudent while making any decision.

An integral part of starting your business is having a good POS system. A point of sale system is essential for carrying out sales transactions, feeding in customer details and monitoring your inventories. For years, businesses have relied on the traditional POS systems, but with evolutions and developments in technology, cloud-based POS systems have come to the fore.

Cloud-based point of sale systems come with plenty of advantages as against the traditional models.

If you are going to invest in a point of sale system for your business, you need to make a well-informed investment. At this point, you may feel confused as to whether you should invest in a traditional POS or a cloud-based POS.

Let’s compare the different features of a traditional POS and a cloud-based POS so you can understand what’s right for your business.

Accessibility To Data

When it comes to accessibility to your data, which includes all the sales data, making any modifications to your products’ catalog or to the pricing, tracking your employees’ activities, the cloud-based POS model is better. Under the traditional point of sale system, you can access all this data only from your workplace. On the other hand, if you are using a cloud-based point of sale system, you will be able to access all the date from anywhere. Cloud-based point of sale systems allows for remote access to your data. This means you can track your employees’ activity from home as well as while you’re on the go.

Costs Associated With Using It

There are various costs associated with using a traditional POS. Not only do you have to spend on buying the hardware and licensed software, you also need to make the payment for getting a POS installed for every terminal. With a cloud-based POS software, you typically need to make a monthly payment to be able to use the software. You also don’t need to make a hardware purchase. Most cloud-based point of sale systems come with hardware as a part of the package and merchants also offer a replacement for this hardware every few years. In this sense, a cloud-based point of sale system offers a more lucrative option.

Risk Of Losing Data

Loss of data can be a very costly error for your business, affecting the customers as well. With a traditional point of sale system, you may lose important data stored on your local servers. A system crash on a traditional POS could cause this given that it operates on an internal network. In the case of a cloud-based point of sale software, your data is stored on remote servers which means there is a limited risk of losing all your data. Your data gets backed up on the cloud and you can easily restore it.


In a cloud-based POS system, you require mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets which makes remote access to your data possible. A traditional point of sale system consists of very heavy and bulky devices. The screen used in a point of sale system is a 15-inch one. This lack of portability associated with a traditional point of sale system makes it difficult for you to access the data remotely.

Updating The System

A cloud-based point of sale system updates itself regularly, in real time, which means that you are always operating on the latest version. Moreover, it does not require on-site visits by technicians to manually conduct updates on the system. For a traditional point of sale system, it is just the opposite. You need to get the system updated manually, on-site.


Now that you have looked at the different features of the 2 types of POS systems, you can clearly see how advantageous it is to use a cloud-based POS software. Shopify’s point of sale software is one such cloud-based software that you can consider taking up. Shopify allows you to back up all the data because it lets you copy the cloud database in your local, remote network while your internet connection may be down. Inventory management on Shopify is possible both online as well as offline. It is known for complimenting your business service by offering great speed. It will automatically get you connected to the local database which means that you don’t need to install your database every time.

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Why A Cloud-Based POS Is Better Than A Traditional POS?

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