Why Kendall Jenner Is Waiting To Have Kids

In the KarJenner fam, babies are just popping out left and right! But not so fast for our supermodel Kendall! Kendall Jenner is the only famous sis yet to have a baby so the pressure is on right? Well Kendall makes sure to not let the pressures of social media or her momager get in her head too much. Today we are snooping into all the signs that Kendall wants to hold off on the baby making for some time now. She has expressed many times having baby fever from being surrounded by her little nieces and nephews, but prefers babysitting for now. I mean the best part of babysitting is giving the kids back at the end of the day right…? But I wonder who her future baby daddy could be? Any bets on Devin Booker? We gotta look at Kendall and Devin’s relationship and see just how possible it is for these two to start a family. But we also have to remember that Kendall is only 26! So there truly is no rush for this superstar. Despite her little sister Kylie having babies super young, Kendall does not let that pressure get to her! She is far too busy anyways with her many business ventures and modeling career hello! But I gotta know your thoughts. Do you think Kendall will be having a baby anytime soon? Once you’re finished the video, let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below! And do not forget to subscribe to The Things Celebrity for even more Kardashian/Jenner snooping!

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00:00 Intro
00:15 No Time For Babies
01:28 Cool Aunt Persona
02:23 Too Much Pressure
03:34 Privacy
04:27 Waiting For “The One”

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