Will Cain: Browns taking Saquon Barkley No. 1 overall ‘makes no sense’ | Will Cain Show | ESPN

Will Cain: Browns taking Saquon Barkley No. 1 overall 'makes no sense' | Will Cain Show | ESPN

Will Cain says the idea that the Cleveland Browns should take Saquon Barkley No. 1 overall and a quarterback No. 4 “makes no sense.”

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39 responses to “Will Cain: Browns taking Saquon Barkley No. 1 overall ‘makes no sense’ | Will Cain Show | ESPN”


  2. This guy is an idiot. He doesn’t believe what he says. Lol

  3. They could of drafted Mayfield at 4 instead of 1 and had Barkley and their qb. Smh

  4. If Cleveland don't take saquon Barkley number 1 an can still get a top quarterback at pick 4 if they don't do that Cleveland deserves to remain the worst team in the league

  5. Such an idiot. Look at the situation dumbass. Got 3 or 4 QBs that the Browns dont even know which one they like as of now, so it almost doesn't matter which one you get. If you take the QB first, you probably miss Barkley at 4. So then what, another QB? Chubb? This is so easy to understand but this idiot doesn't for some reason.

  6. You make Absolutely No Sense dude…

    Your just making up stuff at this point!

  7. With (RB) Barkley and (DE) Chubb the Browns have TWO day 1 Starters to go along with the youth and free-agents that they ALREADY have!!!

    They'd be Crazy to draft any of these unproven QB's

  8. Your theory is correct right up to the point you forget the Browns have the 4th pick and there is like 5 qbs that haven’t separated themselves it would be a major diffrence if one of them was a clear cut #1 which I think Allen is the only problem is he’s not better then Barkley so you take Barkley 1 and get your Qb at 4 I’m 9 time’s out of ten Allen are Mayfield will be there, not even the Browns can screw this up are can they?

  9. And will seems like a low-key racist

  10. Will Cain makes me want to reprogram my tv and leave ESPN out

  11. The Browns will do the stupid thing and reach for a quarterback when 1 of the supposed top 4 will fall into their lap anyway, ESPECIALLY if they aren't clearly sold on anyone. If they can't develop whoever they draft what sense does it really make who they end up taking!? If one was clearly the forerunner I'd grab him no question, but when Joe Thomas retired that told me he has no faith in whomever they take as well or he'd still be there. My favorite running back of all time retired when he was still in the latter prime of his career, Barry Sanders, as well as another former Lion, Calvin Johnson, due to the fact they didn't feel the organization would do what was necessary to seriously compete while they took a further beating to their bodies. They have Taylor and a tremendous amount of young talent to grow with him while the new guy is actually groomed instead of thrown to the beasts for feeding time still 'green'. I hope it all works out because I'm sick and tired of watching these sad 'expansion' Browns fans suffer while they get waxed twice again and probably watch their original team make the playoffs some way once again. Saddest story in the NFL in my opinion. Good luck Cleveland, hope your franchise doesn't fail once again.

  12. Say the Giants do take a QB . BROWNS then take Chubb. I'm not sold on any QB being sure thing. 2nd round QB which could be only the best athlete at the position
    Louisville Kid

  13. #1Barkley (Sure HallofFamer)#2 Chubb(Staying w/Manning &replacing P.P. with best DE) #3 Mayfield or Darnold (JETS didn't expect Darnold possible)#4 Darnold or Mayfield.
    BROWNS HAPPY with either QB as a one year understudy to T.T.

  14. Shitting on the browns…so brofound neanderfag

  15. And this is why you've never been a gm.

  16. White people and their infatuation with the QB. LMAO

  17. Wrong a rookie Qb is useless without a solid Rb and the position most likely to be a bust Quan is a star and most of these Qb's top ranked qb's are likely bust Saquon and L.Jackson can make them contenders right away!

  18. Will Cain, Polian is a HOF GM and there's no way in the hell that he believes this to be true lol. After he gave his none bias opinion on Lamar Jackson and all the race baiting that accrued, I guess he's playing it safe and pitting black players on top before he becomes a racist.

  19. Legarrete Blount going from NE too Philly last year, says RB ' s are worth it

  20. The hell u talking about

  21. Thank you at the end of the Day the QB you draft number 1 or 4 will sit for one year the RB will come in and take the pressure off any Qb thats in there its 4 Qb’s that are franchise Qb’s you mean to tell me there not going to find one at four really its 2 teams after them until they get to number 4

  22. Thank you at the end of the Day the QB you draft number 1 or 4 will sit for one year the RB will come in and take the pressure off any Qb thats in there its 4 Qb’s that are franchise Qb’s you mean to tell me there not going to find one at four really its 2 teams after them until they get to number 4

  23. Never thought i'd agree with Will Cain. QB > everything by far and the Browns haven't had a franchise QB in forever. RB's are barely higher on the value scale than kickers and are lower than tight ends lolol I'd bet Browns go Chubb @ 4 even if Saquon is still available. All of you in the comments are highlight hype retards that don't know football. Sorry.

  24. Will Cain is a clown

  25. The best RB is equal to the 15th best QB?
    Does anyone have any data or metrics to support this? Or is he just talking to talk.

  26. Will Cian can be InfoWars sportscaster😂

  27. Browns need to draft Darnold.

  28. Its 2018 people you dont take a RB #1 😂 enjoy his 5 year prime

  29. How does this guy have a job?

  30. What is this show, who would give this stupid fuck a show

  31. Just my opinion here, draft Barkley with the overall #1 pick. Keep all of your draft picks, still a lot of them and fill gaps. Barkley is a elite RB prospect. Try Tryod at QB in 2018. If he doesn't play well, draft a qb next year in the first round.

  32. The Browns are very high on Tyrod Taylor hence the reason they traded for him and has already named him as their starter. Everyone says the Browns have to get a QB or Browns need a a QB but if they believe in Tyrod they may not go QB, they may go Barkley and Chubb which most Browns fans or (any fan with their team in the same situation) would be ok with. I know i am there is no sure thing QB in this draft so go with Tyrod and surround him with weapons and build a great defense to get him back on the field to score again.

  33. The have a pro bowl qb two home run wrs not picking Barkley would be a mistake, if I was the GM I would take barkley 1st and take the best available defensive player (Chubb, Fitzpatrick), when a team is rebuilding it's stupid to me to try and take a qb so early in the rebuild, get your defense right 1st then OL, you'll probably get talented skill position along the way, qb should be the last piece to a rebuild

  34. If you get over yourselves and actually listen. Will Cain makes a valid point.

  35. Hm, alright. How do you explain the Jets moving to 3 before the draft if they weren't thinking "Hey, we'll pick up whatever Quarterback falls to us."? I'll wait.

  36. I think this years draft is going to be great. There hasn't been a single knock on Saquon, he's got all the tools, no character flaws, and he's willing to work. From casual fans, to analysts, to "experts", everyone has stated that he's going to be a sure thing. If the Browns don't take him #1, I have a strong feeling the Giants will take him at #2. As a fan, I love the suspense and discussion going into the draft. The fact that every QB prospect has his clear cut strengths and weaknesses makes for great debate. Browns are in a great spot this year, on one hand, if you take Saquon at 1, you will most likely miss out on both Rosen & Darnold (imo the top 2 qb's in this draft). On the other hand, what if they pick the wrong qb at #1 and miss out on a generational running back?

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