Willie D on New York Rappers Disrespecting the South Early On (Part 1)

In this clip, WIllie D discussed the lack of respect the South has historically received from New York. He talked about Run DMC dissing the South back in 1988 and how it took him a while to realize it and eventually responding to them. Willie D went into how he got serious about rapping and how he felt as though he didn’t have a true “Plan B” therefore it was imperative that he made this rap thing work out.

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Vin Diesel Xbox Game Pass Challenge HIGHLIGHTS

Tue Oct 16 , 2018
Vin Diesel took the Xbox Game Pass Challenge with Cody Walker to raise funds for ROWW: Reach Out WorldWide. You can donate too at www.roww.org Check out how much they raised taking Xbox Game Pass challenges, including completing the motocross showcase challenge in the new Forza Horizon 4, as well as challenges in Cluster Truck, Super Mega Baseball, and Rocket League. For each challenge Vin and Cody completed, they earned $10k for ROWW.
Vin Diesel Xbox Game Pass Challenge HIGHLIGHTS