Wiz Khalifa & Girl Talk – Ready For Love [Official Music Video]

Wiz Khalifa & Girl Talk - Ready For Love [Official Music Video]

Full Court Press (Album) out now!
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Director: Andy Koeger @andykoeger
Executive Producer: Boris Labourguigne @borislab
Producer: Adam Armesto @adamarmesto
Associate Producer: Nick Callais @nick_callais_
MV Rep: @larkcreative – Vanessa Ostovich

Dir. of Photography: Madison Mckamey @madison.mckamey
Production Manager: Anthony “Ace” Cera @Anthonycera
Production Coordinator: Julia Hirsch @juliacecil
2nd Unit Production Coordinator: Collin O’Brien @obrienfilm

1st AD: E-Class @allminds
2nd AD: Anthony Hayward @nutty91
2nd 2nd AD: Edward Cruz @str8_mookin
2nd Unit 2nd AD: Alex Armesto @by_alexarmesto
AD PA: Michael EQ Anderson @only1eq
AD PA: Juan Garcia Quintero
AD PA: Alex Armesto @by_alexarmesto

PA – Set: Suni Solomon @sunimf
PA- Set : Mario Peralta @mperalta.mp4
PA -Truck: Victor Shunn Gray @Sidehawkn
PA – Crafty: Matteo Rader @shnep007
Set Medic / CCO: James Van Dyke
2nd Unit PA: Abbey Harris @abbey.harris84

1st Asst. Cam: Walter Watkins @waltercwat
1st Asst. Cam: Mike Becker @becker.media
2nd Asst. Cam: Joey Simpson @joseph_simpsun
2nd Unit 1st AC: Levi Jawara @lehhvy
2nd Unit 2nd AC: Mia Mormino @miamormino
DIT: Garret Diffenbaugh @gdiff_
Jib Operator: Danny Hernandez
2nd Jib Operator: Antonino Buzzone @ninobuzz

G & E
Key Grip: Brad Powers @bradpowers.kg
Best Grip: Valfrie Tabian Jr @valtabianjr
Gaffer: Nick Conroy @nicolasconroy_cine
Best Electric: Connor Vickers @connvickt
2nd Unit Key Grip: Giovanni Palacino @thisisreallygio
2nd Unit Best Grip: Zandra Cullen @zasicu

Production Designer: Taylor Almadovar @greenhousecreative__
Art Director: Justin Gardner @greenhousecreative__
Leadman: William Goldstone
Set Dresser: Robert Hart @_rharter
2nd Unit Production Designer: Megan Brasfield @scrambled__megs___
2nd Unit Art PA: Chloe Prost @eolk_

Wardrobe Stylist: Yvonne Reddy @yvonnereddy
Wardrobe Asst.: Maggie Gleason @magnises2020
2nd Unit Wardrobe Stylist: Cara Kelley @curakell

Make-up Artist: Brie Horschaw @brieonbrie
Make-up Artist: Estelle Descard @makeup.estelle
2nd Unit Make-up Artist: Brie Horschaw @brieonbrie
2nd Unit Loctician: Jazz @Sweetpea_87

Keys: Gregg Gillis @girltalk_verified
Wiz Khalifa: Wiz Khalifa @wizkhalifa
Choreographer & Wiz Stunt Double: Slim @slimboogie777
2nd Unit Wiz Stunt Double: Dwayne Henry “West” @westof33
2nd Unit Skater Wiz: Brandon Pendergraph @dreadmylife
2nd Unit Wiz Stand-In: Young Sam @papichulosam

Love Interest: Haniyyah Tahirah @niatm
Juggling Wiz: Cary Pickford Jr @cooljuggler
Acrobat Wiz: Lamonte Goode @cyberyoga
Guitarist: Horace Gold @horacegold
Bassist: Kenneth Wright @NSFR
Drummer: Catherine Serafin @Qhtasrophej
Pedicurist: Monique Nicole LeClair @moniquenicoleleclair

Editors: Andy Koeger @andykoeger, Alex Armesto @by_alexarmesto, Kamila Duarenova @kamila_daurenova
Color & VFX: Jacob McKee @Jalob
Post-Production House: Forager @Forager.TV
Titles: Doriann Gauthier

Special Thanks
The Globe Theatre @globetheatre_la

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