Wnc WhopBezzy – Beatbox 3 Mix (AUDIO)

New music from Wnc WhopBezzy – Beatbox 3 Mix available now on DatPiff YouTube!


Nigga know what time I’m on, they watch me like a G Shock
Thought he had that Raw I sold him ReRock
Boy this rod dirty, like some Reebok’s
I hit ya, make ya Detox
Pull up on ya, dumpin’ out a chevy, this a Beat Box

She ain’t let me fuck so I knocked her friend off
Quick shit, ain’t get a chance to take my pants off
Yeah, big d*ck. This b*tch’ll make ha cut ha mans off
I’m a hot nigga, I hit the scene and bring them fans out
Look, I’m tryna put you under, I got it planned out
I-I keep a fire arm, why would I hold my hand out?
If I’m running, it’s from 12 I never ran out
Nigga I been to the beach but I ain’t never seen a drought
She told me take her to the sеa, I told her “B*tch look in my mouth”
Whop pull up on her, whip was dirty, took her clеan up in the house
Pull up on her, d*ck was dirty, put it clean up in her mouth
Ain’t get to make it to the bed so I nutted on her couch
If I spot ‘em then I got ‘em, Watch ‘em like a hawk
Catch ‘em slippin’ out of bounds and serve ‘em like he caught
Nigga motherfuck a cost, you fuckin with a boss
Think shit sweet, walk down on me, have you drippin’ like some sauce
Nigga, I don’t know the dentist but all I do is floss
They call me Big Bezzy, I ain’t fat but I can take a loss
These niggas lyin’ to these hoes, these hoes lyin’ in my house
Before a b*tch’ll make me leave, I could put them hoes out
I don’t give a fuck ‘bout nothin’, I stop her while we fuckin’ like don’t give a fuck ‘bout nothin’
And all these fuckin’ cars I got a nigga still a buss it
I got a lot up on the line, but if you cross a nigga, fuck you
Come thru swervin’ on yo block with that mop, in a bucket
When it’s up, ain’t no duckin’
Since you say you with the shits, Ima flush ya
Yeah, and look, it’s fuck a nigga beat too
I’m who they wanna be too
Keep one up in the house, and in the car inside the seat too
You’ll think my phone never dead, b*tch I keep juice
Ima get that head, bread then leave before I keep you
No president, like Joe Biden, I impeach you
You can sleep on me and think this shit a dream until I pinch you

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