Affiliated’s first release – a cypher entitled Lullaby, introduces the company’s team of 21 talented artists. The Cypher constitutes a solid mark on the industry from the new kids on the block. The intensive team spirit can be felt to the core when Affiliated’s artists perform to perfection in the most technical and ambitious cypher seen on Danish soil.

Watch the cypher below :

With huge international potential, this cypher shows that Affiliated has come to stay. The tough and serious expression immediately captivates the listener and draws us into a timeless universe

The artists compliment each other with their personal touch across language, style and flow. They all have a distinct sound and the different styles contribute to the holistic expression of the cypher, binding Affiliated together. Unity is a continuous theme throughout the cypher where all Affiliated artists, including producers, are present and represented throughout the video.

The beat is composed by the Affiliated producers; SNDY, 20/20 and Yuwanit, who raise the bar to the highest level with hard Trap drums, melancholic melodies and a penetrating bass. The video was produced in collaboration with Bertram Bækbo Hansen from the production company Bears In Tuxedos. Visually, the release raises Denmark’s cypher game to an international level and can best be compared to major American Hip Hop videos.


The independent record label Affiliated was established in 2018 as a merger between Home Studio Productions and Idyllic Entertainment with a common vision of reaching the top on their own terms.

We are motivated by doing things our own way and believe that artistic freedom and personal expression are the essence of making good music. With the management’s experience as performing artists, we aim for an independent and uncompromising approach to creating and publishing music.

We in Affiliated wish to contribute to the music industry with a renewed approach. Three factors particularly distinguish Affiliated from the music industry we know today.

1) The artist’s own musical vision is in focus.

2) The artist can freely collaborate with anyone at his or her own discretion.

3) The artist is not bound to the label.

Affiliated provides the right tools and guidance for artists to improve their artistic expression inaccordance with their own goals and aspirations.

Read about our artists and their soundscape on .

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