Yella Beezy “On Fleek” ft Gunna (Behind The Scenes)

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“On Fleek” (feat. Gunna) Lyrics:
by Yella Beezy


(Blame it on Monsta!)

Ice up on my neck and it’s so frozen
Imma beat that pussy til’ its swollen
Ooo lil’ mama you so chosen
I can’t even take you from ya

My baby on fleek, yea
That pussy so sweet, yea
Let that shit drip on my teeth, yea
Yea, yea
I need me a freak, yea
Don’t buy nothing cheap, yea
I keep lil’ mama on fleek, yea
Yea, yea

I’m on the Forbes list
Keep lil’ mama in Dior drip
Educated and she gorgeous
Sexy mama I might blow a kiss
Drop a bag ‘cause she know I’m rich
Ghetto bougie she ain’t born shit
Imma ice out her arm and wrist
Pinky ring and her charm it glists
Big ole, big lovin’ know I’m the shit
No basic business, gotta come equipped
I love feeling on her tongue and lips
Give her 42, she gon tongue the dick
Slow it down jump on the dick
Gotta nut and cum on the dick


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