2 Chainz Celebrity Friends Attend Pink Haunted Trap House Grand Opening

 2 Chainz  Celebrity Friends Attend Pink Haunted Trap House Grand Opening

I want to thank my girl Tameka for taking me to the event … SO so thankful …Check out what Phaedra Parks, Keri Hilson, Polo da Don, skooly Little Women of Atlanta, had to say about 2 Chainz’s haunted pink trap house

The Pink Trap House has risen from the dead almost a year later. 2 Chainz announced the return of The Pink Trap House while closing out ONE MusicFest on Sunday night, and this time it’s for the Halloween season.

The rapper’s team over at Street Execs Management is collaborating with 13 Stories Haunted House, which is nationally recognized as one of the scariest and most interactive Halloween experiences in the U.S. by USA Today.

Together, 13 Stories and Street Execs have reincarnated The Pink Trap House to take attendees through a thrilling experience that will feature some of the most iconic scenes in urban classic films of the 80s and 90s.

The first phase will feature the traditional haunted house experience, along with an urban legend twist. In the second phase, guests will get into action by fending off killer zombies with custom artillery. And for the third and final phase, attendees will be put through the ultimate test: being blindfolded. For the grand finale, guests will have to depend on sound and touch to complete the maze of rooms.

The Haunted Pink Trap House is a continuation of the success of last year’s iconic Pink Trap House, which 2 Chainz himself compared to The Statue of Liberty. This brand new rendition of the cultural landmark will provide guests with an hour-long experience filled with iconic trap characters, figures, and more.

The Haunted Pink Trap House will be open Halloween season starting September 21 and ending November 11. Tickets start at $15 and can be purchased at , where fans can also purchase priority entry and limited edition merchandise.

2 Chainz Haunted Pink Trap House Opening – Phaedra, Toya, Malaysia, Lil Women ATL Cast, & More


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