M. Rex (from Don Diva) Chops it up with Wally Lockard III of Urban Grind TV [Interview]

Wally Lockard III

Wally Lockard III

By Jack Barnes

Don Diva: First things first, who are you Wally? Where do u come from and how was your life growing up? What about your family?

Wally: I am the Creator and Executive Producer of Urban Grind TV, Co-Executive Producer of The Booth Radio, and Creative Director for Urban Grind Lifestyle Magazine. I am a veteran, a husband, a father, and a law student. Really I am just a kid from Chicago that loves Hip-Hop. I was born in Chicago and spent my childhood in the Pilsen neighborhood and on the Southside of Chicago.  I had a fairly normal life growing up in the hood with the exception of working in my family’s auto repair shop at a very young age. I was sweeping floors, washing cars, and answering phones by the time I was 9 years old.  I worked under the supervision of my grandfather Smokey who started the family business from nothing after hitchhiking to Chicago at the age 16 from the South. He had no family here, no money, and very little formal education.  He was a self made man, a veteran, and a hustler. Watching him is how I learned the Grind and developed my passion for business. Working at “The Shop” was a safer alternative than the neighborhood streets and I enjoyed making a few bucks to spend at the corner store with my friends.

DD: As a youth were you involved in any gangs while growing up in Chicago? If so which one?

WL: I am a 80s baby that survived the 90s, I lost a lot of good friends to the senseless violence that plagues Chicago even today. People would get killed over street beefs all the time, so I tried not to get involved in anything that was not about business or my family. I learned as a young man that the most important thing you need to have in order to survive in the streets is Respect. People will kill you to for it and they are willing to die to get it. You need to carry yourself with respect and treat others accordingly.  It is important to be mindful of not only what you say, but also how you say it. A simple misunderstanding could cost someone his or her life. Read More…

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Props to Don Diva Mag

M. Rex (from Don Diva) Chops it up with Wally Lockard III of Urban Grind TV [Interview]

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