Russo Brothers on Avengers Infinity War Creative Process and What Expect From Avengers 4

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Author: I Caught U Slippin

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40 thoughts on “Russo Brothers on Avengers Infinity War Creative Process and What Expect From Avengers 4

  1. I'm exhausted just listening to all the WORK these guys put in. Amazing. Thank you Russo bros SO FUCKING MUCH. You guys and the cast and everyone in between deserves every dollar they got paid.

  2. Honestly, for a radio show, the mic quality is terrible. It’s a shame since this was one of the greater interviews for the movie. The questions were much better

  3. All original Avengers will die in order to save those who evaporated. That would be the best ending for this roster of Avengers

  4. I re-watched all the movies before Inifnity War. When I got to The Winter Soldier it felt like the closest thing to an actual comic book. The Russos get that these movies shouldn't be grounded in reality, embrace the comic book, go as over the top as possible.

  5. wow, they got some shitty mics, sway sounds like shit. Either step back from the mic or something because I hear every sound pop.

  6. These guys are geniuses. I’ve been a fan of their work since Arrested Development & Community. They are pros at balancing character development and story arcs. What they did in IW, just the scale of production alone, is nothing short of a miracle. Many props to these brothers for a brilliant film.

  7. The Ruthless Brothers

    Taking all my heroes out like that.. Lol but seriously it was one of the best comic book movies I EVER seen. They did good balancing all of the characters and story. Can't wait for Avengers 4.

  8. Sway, you're a legend. But please stop always pretending with your guests that you're either a long-time fan or even considerably familiar with their work. Keep it real. It's Marvel Cinematic Universe, not Marvel Comics Universe.

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